You would certainly think a reality present where human being marry strangers would have actually an abysmal success rate, yet surprisingly, many of the cast of couples featured on Married at an initial Sight are still married. Because 2014, the present has matched and also married 25 couples so much with the aid of connection experts. For some, it to be love at first sight. Because that others, it to be a shocking wake-up contact that they yes, really did marry a finish stranger — and also on TV, nonetheless!

Season 1 participant Jamie Otis, who married Doug Hehner, admits the marrying a stranger deserve to be a tad awkward, but they controlled to make it work. “I was no at all interested in my brand-new husband,” she called UpfrontNY in 2015. “He to be nice enough, however there to be literally zero chemistry. No connection. Come me, the was a vast sign. I just assumed it’d never ever work out. Boy, was ns pleasantly surprised through this process. I’m SO happy the I was able to be open-minded, and I’m so thankful the the experts gave me mine husband.”


Although it was a happy ending for Jamie and also Doug, other couples have had actually a lot more complex experience, choose Nick Pendergrast and Sonia Granados. The season 4 pair said lock were right into each other once they an initial met at the altar, but they short chemistry throughout the show. After number of weeks that awkwardness, Nick finally blew up and also told producer he “wasn’t attracted” come Sonia. Interesting way enough, the two managed to job-related it out and also decided to continue to be married. However just a couple months later, lock announced their divorce.

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Only three months after that, an ext shocking news came as soon as Nick announced he had a girl friend — and that she was pregnant v twins! Sonia was none also pleased. “While he was trying come ‘work’ points out v me, informing her different,” she composed on Twitter. “Good luck come them both.” Ouch!

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So end the last 10 seasons, simply how numerous couples have regulated to make things work? and how plenty of of the participants have discovered love — even without the matchmakers’ help? check out the gallery listed below to see which MAFS stars are still married and also which have actually moved on.

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FYI; Courtesy that Cortney Hendrix, Jason Carrion/Instagram

Cortney and Jason (Season 1)

It was immediate sparks because that this couple from as soon as they tied the node to as soon as they determined to stay married at the finish of your season. ~ filming, the couple even appeared in the spin-off show, Married at very first Sight: The first Year. After that, they continued to let fans into their lives with their net series, Carrying-On through the Carrions. However, after several years together, they announced their split in march 2019.

“In February 2019, Jason and I filed because that divorce after ~ the court of kings County brand-new York identified at least a six-month separation,” Cortney wrote top top Instagram. “We asked because that privacy this entire time because we room trying to number it every out. At one point, we believed we were going come divorce in order come date and also start anywhere the right way. … us have chose together to relocate on in various paths, but that doesn’t mean we don’t have love for each other. He will constantly have a special place in my heart and life. We perform love girlfriend all and also appreciate the assistance that you have displayed us from the beginning.”

She is currently happily married come a new man named Sherm. They tied the node in a Peaky Blinders-themed ceremony in October 2020. As for her ex, the exchanged his vows v now-wife, Roxanne Palett, in January 2020.


Jamie and also Doug (Season 1)

During Married at very first Sight season 1, Jamie infamously cry the job she married Doug, confessing come the cameras that she wasn’t attracted come him in ~ all. However, throughout the honeymoon, Jamie slowly discovered herself falling for Doug and they remained married at the end of the season.

Today, the pair is quiet together, and also they’ve even become parents. Despite they welcomed their adorable daughter, Henley, in April 2017, starting their family hasn’t been basic process. The stars have suffered through three miscarriages, the most recent in January 2019, just two mainly after lock announced they were expecting. Castle welcomed child Hendrix Douglas in might 2020.


Monet and Vaughn (Season 1)

Although sparks flew at their wedding (and lock consummated their marital relationship that night), the pair quickly ran into problems when Vaughn accused Monet of being “annoying.” It to be no surprise as soon as the pair chose come not remain married at the end of the show.

Today, Monet is enjoy it the solitary life in new York City and also has appeared in her own spin-off truth series, Blacklove. As for Vaughn, he has actually a new girlfriend and also is currently a dad to his first child.


Jaclyn and also Ryan (Season 2)

When Jaclyn an initial met Ryan throughout Married at first Sight season 2, she confessed to cameras the she was “not attractive to him at all.” Surprisingly, the pair grew close and decided to stay married in ~ the end of the show. However, during the reunion, Jaclyn revealed that Ryan told her after the cameras quit rolling that he had actually “no feelings for her” and also they later on divorced.

She has since found brand-new love and has a daughter called Lainey. Ryan, for his part, is a “real heritage agent life the dream,” according to his Instagram bio.

Davina and Sean (Season 2)

Although the pair had one instant link on their wedding day, things conveniently went sour after the honeymoon once the pair started to clash over your living arrangements. Through Sean in new Jersey and Davina in Manhattan, the two hardly ever saw each other, and at the end of the show, they decided to gain a divorce.

Today, Davina has actually finally found love and also is currently married to Donald Davis. They have a son named Hudson. Together for Sean, he post on Twitter earlier in 2015 that he no longer has actually anything to carry out with the show and also has “moved on.”

Sam and also Neil (Season 3)

This pair got off to a rough start during Married at first Sight season 3, v Sam admitting to no finding Neil attractive. Back the pair grew closer transparent the show, v Sam also confessing to “missing him” once, Neil ultimately decided to get divorced, citing the means Sam cure him in the first couple of weeks together the reason why.

Despite your dramatic breakup, the couple remains friends and also have both posted several pictures together top top Twitter. Sam bound the knot again, and also now she and also her husband, Chris, share a daughter named Isabella and reside in Atlanta, Georgia.

Jessica and also Ryan (Season 2)

Although they both uncovered each various other attractive, as the couple’s connection progressed, that became noticeable that your personalities just didn’t click. Despite their numerous arguments, they chose to stay married at the finish of the show. However, throughout the reunion, Jessica revealed the she caught Ryan cheating top top her, and also so the two acquired a divorce.

After the show, points didn’t get much better between the couple. In 2015, Jessica filed a restraining order versus Ryan for threatening to death her and also harm she family. Ryan refuse the allegations ~ above Instagram.

Today, Jessica is a proud mom. “Baby boy made his presence well-known on 12/31 in ~ 8:21 a.m.,” she announced in January 2021. “Little Sergio and also myself room doing well.” as for Ryan, back his present occupation is unclear, he’s active on Twitter.

Vanessa and Trey (Season 3)

Although they hit the off ideal away, the couple ran into issues throughout the show. Vanessa worried Trey no husband material, while Trey complained that Vanessa didn’t to trust him. Regardless, the pair stayed married in ~ the end of the show and also shocked viewers as soon as it was revealed during the reunion the they acquired a divorce.

Since then, Vanessa has showed up in the spin-off truth TV show Married at an initial Sight: second Chances, however as of today, has a new business venture: SoulWick Co. As for Trey, he shows up to be life the life the did prior to the show and also tweets a lot about sports ~ above Twitter.

David and Ashley (Season 3)

From their wedding day to decision day, this couple was doomed for failure. Return David claimed he was happy to have actually Ashley together his wife, Ashley continually lamented come cameras that David was “a stranger” and that she needed more time to open up. As fans criticized she for gift “cold,” it come as no surprise as soon as the pair decided to obtain divorced.

After the show, that was later on revealed that David had a criminal history that the show kept under wraps, lot to the chagrin the Ashley’s mother who revealed come InTouch Weekly that “ feeling duped.”

However, the news didn’t prevent David’s reality TV career and he showed up in the spin-off series Married at very first Sight: second Chances alongside fellow MAFS costar Vanessa in 2017. However, he shows up to still it is in single.

As for Ashley, she was finishing up nursing college after the collection and is currently wed to a brand-new man. Yet that’s no all: they have actually a infant on the way!

Sonia and Nick (Season 4)

Although they got along on their wedding day and also honeymoon, both Sonia and also Nick struggled throughout their partnership with intimacy. Although they had actually several setbacks, among them gift Nick screaming about “not liking” Sonia come producers, the couple decided to remain together at the end of the show.

Although the couple stayed together for numerous months after the show, Sonia confirmed in march 2017 on Twitter the the pair had filed because that divorce. 2 months after ~ splitting, Nick announced he to be seeing love coach Heather Yerrid. The 2 welcomed pair in 2018.

It appears they space still cordial since Sonia got to out to her previous flame support after he endured a near-fatal rectal accident in 2019. She now has a podcast and also has began a new Instagram account called The broke Philanthropist.

Heather and also Derek (Season 4)

The couple made MAFS history for gift the first couple to speak to it quits after only two weeks into the experiment. After a effective wedding, things acquired rocky during the honeymoon as soon as Heather challenged Derek around his constant smoking, i m sorry she called a “deal-breaker.” after a boil argument, pagan told producer she no longer was interested in continuing to be married to Derek.

Today, Heather shows up to be turn off social media. As for Derek, the too stays in Florida and also seems to be enjoying the single life.

Lillian and also Tom (Season 4)

It to be love at very first sight because that Lillian and also Tom, who had an almost-perfect relationship throughout their season. Although castle ran into troubles along the way, an especially when it pertained to finances, they determined to remain married in ~ the end of the show.

For 14 months, Lillian and also Tom continued to be married and also appeared come be really happy together. Unfortunately, Lillian announced top top Twitter in June 2017 the she and Tom gained divorced. As of 2021, she works as an invest Sales and Acquisitions real Estate Broker license is granted in phibìc Carolina and Florida.

In august 2019, Tom announced his own large news, the he and Michelle Sharkey had gained hitched. Acquisition to Instagram, Tom wrote, “We tied the knot! proudly announcing ourselves together husband and wife – an ext pics come come however cheers y’all!”

Sheila and also Nate (Season 5)

Although this pair had many explosive fights, v both that them threaten divorce throughout your season, they ultimately decided to continue to be married. At the reunion update, they revealed that they to be still together, however a couple of months later they announced they to be separating on society media. Sheila additionally accused Nate of talking to various other women while they to be married! castle officially divorce in December 2017 and also she now has actually a exclusive Instagram account.

Cody and Danielle (Season 5)

Although things began off an excellent with this couple, they struggled v intimacy v the entire season, revealing top top Decision Day that they tho hadn’t had actually sex. They made decision to continue to be married anyway and also managed to last till the reunion show but announced their separation on Twitter a few weeks later.

Today, Danielle and Cody both room enjoying your post-MAFS life.

Ashley and Anthony (Season 5)

This couple had an prompt connection and were fan favorites throughout your season. On Decision Day, they decided to continue to be together, which was no surprise.

They’re quiet together and also even announced they to be expecting baby No. 1 in august 2018. Together, they welcomed daughter Mila increased in January 2019. “She is everything I dreamy of and also more,” Ashley composed on Instagram. “We room so in love and also can’t wait to display our baby girl the world!”

As that July 2020, baby No. 2 was officially on the way. “We room pregnant! Thirteen weeks and also two days to be exact. I can not wait to with my 2nd trimester together it has been a very daunting road for united state to gain here,” Ashley said People. Revealing she’s had spotting and bleeding, she claimed the pair is “cautiously optimistic” about having a healthy baby. Your daughter Vaeda Marie arrived in February 2021.

Jackie and also Ryan (Season 6)

Jaclyn, a.k.a. Jackie, and also Ryan might have determined to stay married in ~ the finish of the show, but ultimately, their relationship didn’t critical long. ~ 10 month of marriage, the two referred to as it quits. “We have split and also trust me we space both much happier and healthier this way,” Jackie composed on Instagram in June 2018. “I’m always grateful for learning experiences, specifically when lock involve self-growth.”

Congratulations are in order for Jackie, though. In may 2019, the star revealed ~ above Instagram that she’s involved to someone new. Today, Jaclyn is married come a new man. “No words come express just how thankful ns am for every the amazing human being in my life, i love you all so, therefore much. And all of your sweet messages, so lot love my love can’t manage it!” she announced in September 2020.

As because that Ryan, that still sells real estate on long Island and also appears to be single.

Molly and Jonathan (Season 6)

Molly and also Jonathan made a beautiful pair on the show, however they couldn’t regulate to make it work. By the end of the experiment, they’d chose to divorce and also go their separate ways. Yet that doesn’t median that MAFS didn’t offer the couple — or in ~ least half of the pair — a happy ending.

Though it appears Molly is quiet single, Jon actually ended up involved to Dr. Jessica, one of the experts on the show. The couple went public eight month after Jon and also Molly called it quits, and now they’re acquiring ready to walk down the aisle.

Shawniece and also Jephte (Season 6)

It to be clear from day one that Shawniece and also Jephte had actually a major connection, and also no one was specifically surprised when they decided to remain married at the end of the show. Despite they go temporarily separate after filming, they discovered their way back come each various other — and even began a family. In April 2018, they announced they to be expecting, and they welcomed their daughter in October the year. Fans witnessed them carry baby Laure Denise Pierre residence on Married at an initial Sight: Happily ever After.

In may 2020, the lovebirds dished around their plans to expand their family, telling In Touch exclusively they space “hoping the following one arrives approximately January 2025.”

“But seriously, we’re in no rush,” Shawniece and Jephte added at the time. “We’re enjoying Laura and growing as a couple.”

Mia and also Tristan (Season 7)

Mia and Tristan confronted some significant drama throughout their short-lived marriage, consisting of Mia’s legitimate troubles. They want to make it work, and also at the end of the season, they chose to stay together. However, the finale aired after ~ Mia had already filed for divorce IRL. The couple finalized their break-up in November 2018 without “any reasonable expectation the reconciliation.” 

Though Mia has a exclusive Instagram now, her bio claims she is “always smilin and positive viben.” So, what about Tristan? top top June 2, 2019, the fact star revealed that he popped the inquiry to his brand-new lady Rachel — and she stated yes! 

He common a life update in December 2020, gushing end his new bride and also child on the way. “Rachel these past two years have actually been for sure crazy. From bae to fiancé to wife and to infant momma. Going v multiple moves, a global pandemic, project changes and so lot more. Your love provides me strength,” that shared.

Amber and Dave (Season 7)

They made it through the season and decided to continue to be together, however once the cameras to be gone, it ended up being clear that continuing to be married would be much easier said 보다 done. In December 2018, Amber confirmed on Instagram that she and Dave had called it quits. “We obviously had a lot of of challenging moments, yet we common a lot of laughs and also fun times with each other too,” she wrote. “In the end, we simply weren’t a great match, however I learned a lot v the experience and also can now say ns thankful for it. I wish Dave well, and I understand he desire the exact same for me in return.”

Dave common his own message: “As most know by now,
amberdianne82 and also I have determined to document for divorce. Although we weren’t the right complement in the end, i will always be thankful to have actually gone v this endure with Amber and also wish she nothing but the best! … if we had our challenges, my lasting memories will certainly be that the light-hearted and also fun moment we shared throughout the journey with each other … Excited because that the following chapter of mine life. And also … contrary to popular id … ns was a pretty an excellent cat dad!”

For now, it seems prefer both halves that this couple are concentrating on themselves and their families.

Danielle and Bobby (Season 7)

These 2 seemed like a match made in heaven. Despite it took some time for the pair to job-related out what your future would look favor together, they made it through the season and also decided to continue to be together — and virtually immediately started a family. The pair announced they were expecting in October 2018 before the reunion special, and in February 2019, they welcomed their daughter, Olivia Nicole. And also their brood flourished again through the arrival of their 2nd child together, son Robert Elvin Dodd IV, ~ above December 14, 2020.

Stephanie and AJ (Season 8)

They had their ups and downs, but they both agreed that their chemistry was electric from day one. The pair started a joint Instagram together (though they likewise each have actually their own) and also they seem come be more in love than ever. “Thinking around our very first trip with each other to Costa Rica because that our honeymoon! only 1 mainly in, us knew something was special” Stephanie shared in June 2019. “Do you all remember the romantic dinner the planned for me on the beach? ns literally melted!”

Stephanie and also AJ are still going strong! “Wow sorry we haven’t posted to this account in a while! So, here’s us in Cabo celebrating our 2-year anniversary,” she captioned a snap in September 2020.

Jasmine and also Will (Season 8)

They appeared to have trouble from the jump, and when push involved shove, they just couldn’t relocate past it. As soon as the experiment ended, Jasmine wanted to continue to be together and also put an ext time and effort into their relationship, however Will dubbed it quits. Despite they had some drama ~ the show, castle seem to be back on yes terms and they rejoined to memory costar Stephanie’s birthday v her, AJ, and some various other MAFS stars in June 2019.

Jasmine now has actually a brand-new man in she life, and she is a proud mama to kid Jacoby.

Kate and also Luke (Season 8)

Throughout the season, they had actually a rocky relationship, but the truth eventually started to come out. While Kate was initially interested in she husband, Luke simply wasn’t emotion it — and also though they had sex several times, that admitted after ~ the reality that that was never comfortable with it. Throughout the show, Kate accused her husband of lying before they finally called it quits in ~ the end of the experiment. Though he apologized for the means he cure her, they walk their different ways.

Fortunately, she is still on an excellent terms v her other season 8 brides. The 4 women reunited for Stephanie’s birthday and also to clock the season 9 premiere in June 2019. As for Luke, he appears to be date someone new named Sammi.

Kristine and Keith (Season 8)

This couple had some major roadblocks come overcome, however they controlled to do it through and also fall in love. Through the finish of the season, it was clear they to be the real deal, and they chose to stay married. These days, lock constantly cuddling as much as each various other on Instagram and being just usually too cute for words. Together, the couple are functioning on renovating their home and building their life. 

“You just need to work it. You can not be the exact same old you and try to have actually a new life v someone new,” Keith said E! News in July 2020. “Because the exact same old you to be not functioning out for yourself,” she added.

Amber and also Matt (Season 9)

During your marriage, Amber worried about Matt’s transient lifestyle getting in the method of your romance — and also when he started disappearing, points got even worse. Cheating rumors started flying during the season, and when it came time to do their decision, both felt divorce was for the best.

Since splitting, Amber has been concentrating on the hopeful things in life, and she is now a proud homeowner. She constantly stayed friends v her other season 9 brides, even posting a drop-dead gorgeous photograph of herself and Iris in black dresses. “It’s a pretty day because that a divorce,” she captioned the pic with a tea emoji. Because that now, Matt seems to be more focused top top his task than something else.

Deonna and Greg (Season 9)

Slow and steady won the race v these two! Though over there may have been part surprises follow me the way, Deonna and Greg appeared to gain along fabulously throughout their season of the show. Once the experiment to be over, they made the decision to remain married — and at the reunion, they revealed they were still together. 

The pair announced she is pregnant v their first child in February 2021 and also confirmed lock will quickly be parental of a infant boy.

Elizabeth and also Jamie (Season 9)

Jamie and Elizabeth’s enthusiasm was clear, and it brought about some massive fights between them top top season 9. In spite of the ups and downs, the couple wanted to job-related through your (many, many) issues, and also when Decision Day rolling around, they determined to stay together. In ~ the reunion, they revealed they take it a break for a while, but still uncovered their method back to each other.

Since the show, the pair have actually moved come the only Area and worked out down in California. In enhancement to committing to each other, they also both committed to run the mountain Francisco Marathon in July 2020.

“Beth and also Jamie Moment: i still can’t recognize I met you on a reality show!” she captioned a new pic in February 2021. “And we moved to California ~ that! It’s to be the wildest ride and I wouldn’t desire to perform it v anyone else! So, cheers to mimosas and also chocolate mind on the beach! You are my favorite husband!!!!!”

Iris and Keith (Season 9)

Iris was waiting for marital relationship to have sex, and her reservations around this marriage being the marriage proved troublesome because that the couple. Despite they placed in a the majority of work top top their connection over the food of the experiment, it wasn’t sufficient for Keith. Through Decision Day, the was tired of waiting for his mam to open up and decided to move forward. Though Iris wanted to store trying, these two finished up relocating towards divorce.

In October, Iris reflected on she time on the show, writing, “Everything happens because that a reason. God renders no mistakes! god’s direction may not it is in what you want, yet it is what friend NEED, that what the NEEDs and also for that ns am blessed past measure, because what doesn’t rest me provides me more powerful in faith!!”

Jessica and also Austin (Season 10)

The couple clearly hit it off on the show, however by the moment Decision Day rolling around and also the groom hadn’t yet told his bride that he loved her, fans weren’t sure what would certainly happen in between them. Luckily, Austin knew how he felt about his wife even if the hadn’t said so. Together the duo decided to stay married, he told Jessica those three tiny words. “I think Austin and I balance each various other really well and make a great team,” Jessica specifically told In Touch after her season aired. “ felt favor I could genuinely be myself .”

Does this median they are still with each other today? correctly! She shared a snap through her dashing groom on February 14, 2021, if they commemorated Valentine’s Day.

Katie and also Derek (Season 10)

Katie virtually didn’t get married after an ex reappeared in she life, and also that former relationship hovered end both their heads throughout the process. Though both the stars preferred each other, neither was 100 percent certain they were a perfect fit. Regardless, they determined to take the leap and also stay married, trusting that the friendship they developed would be the foundation for an exceptional relationship.

By the time the reunion rolled around, however, they’d referred to as it quits — and Derek accused Katie of having actually multiple affairs with her ex, at the very least one of i m sorry she admitted to. “Katie’s feelings for she ‘ex’ still play a significant role in ours marriage,” he specifically told In Touch. “ come the allude where i felt favor … i was constantly being compared to him.”

Meka and also Michael (Season 10)

Michael’s lies were an ongoing worry in this partnership — yet by the finish of the experiment, the couple was starting to acquire to a great place. Together Decision work loomed closer, however, no was sure that was enough. The groom refused to consider that divorce could be one option, however, and also was ready to keep trying. Unfortunately for him, his mam wasn’t top top the very same page. As soon as the time came, Meka revealed she want a divorce.

“Michael’s concerns are therefore deep-rooted that he isn’t even conscious when he is lying or he important does not treatment what the instance is; he will constantly lie if it’s convenient for him,” Meka specifically told In Touch. “I really wanted to honor my commitment come the process. Part of the commitment to be honoring our vows and being the human being that we asserted to be to the experts, and I think there were plenty of times that that just simply wasn’t the instance for Michael.”

He is currently in a brand-new relationship and is a “girl dad in training” come his new flame’s daughter.

Mindy and also Zach (Season 10)

Their marriage ended long prior to Decision Day. After experts and also Mindy all dubbed Zach out over his complete lack of effort in the relationship, his wife lastly had enough. “I provided my marriage whatever I had and also then some, however when my emotional health and wellbeing were compromised, it to be time to walk away,” she specifically told In Touch in April 2020.

As for Zach, the admits that “without having any sort of connection with Mindy, struggled come attach any kind of emotional definition to the native ‘marriage’ and also ‘wife."” Ultimately, he couldn’t get rid of that challenge. “I plainly underestimated the difference between a timeless marriage with growth in a chosen partner versus an assigned partner,” that told In Touch.

Taylor and also Brandon (Season 10)

Brandon seemingly seen of filming prior to the present was over — and also Taylor even feared he’d left her hanging when he verified up so late to Decision Day. Despite they associated when they were by themselves, things were rocky whenever they were in front of cameras. Ultimately, after talking to the experts around the state of she marriage, Taylor determined she want a divorce. Brandon was ultimately granted one annulment after their wedding aired on the series.

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Ryan and Clara (Season 12)

Ryan Oubre and Clara Berghaus announced their split two month after the show came to an end. “After taking some time far from cameras, we have reached that suggest in our marital relationship where we know it’s far better to go our separate ways,” he mutual in a declare via his Instagram Story top top Monday, July 12. Ryan and also Clara were among the 3 couples who select to stay together ~ above Decision Day, so they claimed it was “not straightforward decision to make it, nor we execute we take it these next steps lightly.”

The previous flames expressed how they space “grateful come all who stood through us, and also continue to was standing by us as we make this very difficult decision. That goes without saying, we remain friends and hope for nothing yet the ideal for every other.”

Erik Lake and Virginia Coombs (Season 12)

Erik and also Virgina from season 12 are acquiring a divorce, Us Weekly confirmed on July 15. The now-exes got married on respectable 31, 2020, and also breakup rumors have actually been swirling end the past few months.

“We’ve made finest efforts to keep some parts of our relationship out of the public eye. This entire process has been challenging as is there is no the consistent chatter of public opinion,” Erik and also Virginia claimed while addressing their break-up in a declare to E! News. “Contrary to renowned belief, we’ve to be together and also trying to make our marriage work since Decision Day. While us have determined to obtain a divorce, us aren’t close up door the doors on a possible future together. We love every other and also will proceed to navigate our brand-new reality article show.”