‘Bachelor’ Ben finally reveals why that dumped his fiancée Courtney in she darkest moments. Carry out YOU think he did the best thing?

For the first time because his second proposal to Courtney Robertson, Bachelor Ben Flajnik reveals what yes, really happened during those troubled times in February.

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On Ben’s final blog post for People.com,he open minded discusses why he broke off the engagement through Courtney. Finally, some understanding on the madness!

“At one point the pressure came to be too much and also I told she I needed a break. Courtney was cool enough to allow me time to clear my head. I ended up being worried around staying in a relationship that had so much negativity bordering it, so ns eventually dubbed off the engagement and we damaged up,” Ben writes. “Fortunately, the breakup didn’t last long. The love i feel because that her, love that ns couldn’t deny even amidst all the poor press and lack of windy support, lugged me earlier to her.”

Well, since the finale on march 12, Courtney has been strolling around L.A.

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Flaunting her engagement ring, therefore we’re assuming things are going well for the couple. I still think it’s a large red flag the Ben left Courtney as soon as she was being assaulted by the press, though.

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— Nicole Karlis

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