FX’s “Sons the Anarchy” proceeds its casting for its last season with Courtney Love ~ above board, elafilador.net has confirmed.

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The rocker will sign up with the display for a multi-episode arc as Ms. Harrison—the pre-school teacher that Jax’s (Charlie Hunnam) eldest kid Abel.

Her character plays a pivotal role as she bring away a one-of-a-kind interest in Abel, which will many likely record the fist of Abel’s mother, series regular Drea de Matteo.

This will certainly be Love’s TV drama debut. The feet frontwoman has starred the contrary Jim Carrey in “Man top top the Moon” and has been nominated for a golden Globe because that “The people vs. Larry Flynt.”

Love is the 2nd rock icon to sign up with the show’s seventh and also final season — Marilyn Manson has actually been cast in a recurring duty as a white supremacist. It’s additionally been announced that “Justified’s” Walton Goggins will return to his guest starring role as transgender prostitute Venus.

Love provides her debut in illustration four. “Sons that Anarchy” is set to premiere this fall.

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TVLine very first reported the news.

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