Doug Hutchinson was 50 as soon as he shocked Hollywood through marrying a 16-year-old. Now, he is revealed the truth around their relationship.

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The green Mile gibbs famously make headlines in 2011 when, at age 50, the married Courtney Stodden when she was simply 16 years old. The relationship eventually derailed his exhilaration career.

The couple separated and also reconciled multiple times throughout their relationship prior to they finalised your divorce in January 2020. Once a judge indications off, they will both be officially solitary in March, human being magazine reported.

Hutchison, now 59, is gearing approximately release a tell-all title Flushing Hollywood: Fake, Fake Boobs on march 10. Hutchison claimed his memoir will burned the truth about his rise and fall in Hollywood, the many stars that encountered along the way, and also his marital relationship to Stodden, currently 25.

A rep because that Stodden told Fox she is “aware the the book and knows what’s in it.” However, Stodden did not instantly respond to a request for elafilador.netment.

Hutchison spoke to Fox around why he’s releasing his publication now, the most an overwhelming chapter elafilador.nete write and also how he still has actually love because that his previous teen bride.


Fox What elafilador.netpelled girlfriend to elafilador.netpose this book and also why now?

Doug Hutchison: This has been a long time elafilador.neting. Ns feel like it’s time to tell mine story. My memoir was created so that ns can ultimately tell the fact and, ns guess, set myself free. I had been laying dormant because that years and also with 2020, it’s just time. Perfect vision 2020 by the way, it’s just the proverbial Phoenix rising from the ashes.

I expect that with my book, I deserve to finally melted insight on mine journey and also hopefully, clear up some long-existing misconceptions. I likewise want to game the leader as lock go follow me this journey that has actually been mine life. There are shocking elements to it. (My book) is certainly going to ruffle some feathers indeed. But there’s that wonderful quote by Jessica Raine, the English actress. She said, “If feathers don’t ruffle, nothing flies.” If feathers space ruffled, then so it is in it.


Fox Why aren’t friend worried around burning any type of bridges?

Hutchison: The worry of burning bridges is over as soon as you phone call the truth. And also when it pertains to my marriage with Courtney, ns take full responsibility. She to be 16 and also I was 50, so i knew our union was going to revolve heads, however I didn’t realise the impact it would truly have. Ns didn’t realise that in marrying Courtney, my manager would certainly drop me, mine agent would certainly drop me. Ns was black-listed. I was blackballed from spreading directors.

I shooting my career in the head for love. And in law so, I shed my family and friends. I was unexpectedly on the Titanic and also everyone to be fleeing other than for me and Courtney. Now, I have actually nothing to shed but, to tell the truth. I perform hope my publication isn’t interpreted as mean-spirited, upset or bitter. Since I’m not. Because that a lengthy time, ns acted the end of fear and lies for the same reason – ns was afraid to burn bridges. Now, what am ns afraid of? there is absolutely nothing to lose by telling the truth.

Stodden and Hutchison at an event to celebrate her new "Reality" music video clip in 2013. Picture: Araya Diaz/Getty Images

Fox execute you remorse marrying Courtney?

Hutchison: for sure not. Ns don’t think in living a life of regret. I think the every choice we make, us make them because that a factor … I have absolutely no regrets in my life. Perform I wish i would have actually handled certain aspects of mine life differently or stated … some things differently? correct – favor everybody else. Yet my marital relationship to Courtney is not among them. Ns regret no one of it. It was a beautiful and powerful journey. A bittersweet journey v Courtney.

Fox spring back, just how did you cope v the backlash?

Hutchison: at first, Courtney and I type of speak on it. When it to be public, ours marriage, and we started gaining that backlash, rather of to run away native it, we decided to embrace it. We obtained a many hate mail. Ns got fatality threats. We were both referred to as vicious names and seen as villains in the press. Rather of to run away native it, we determined to embrace it. Us thought, “We’re in love — deal with it. If friend don’t like, that’s her prerogative, however we’re in love.”

Fox as well as the period difference, why do you believe you and also Courtney obtained so lot backlash?

Hutchison: I’m not certain why. None of united state truthfully expected the tidal wave. We are certainly not the an initial May-December romance, especially in Hollywood. The world is no black and white. Over there is constantly grey in between. Specifically when it elafilador.netes to love. Courtney and I obtained married legitimate in a church to consummate ours union … however after the backlash, we had actually two options — hide under a rock or not. Despite our unconventional union, us were in love. And we didn’t feel the must hide that from anyone. And also the same people who dubbed her a slut, a whore and a gold digger forgot they to be throwing insult after insult to a 16-year-old. And there were write-ups claiming this wasn’t real, that we were staging this. She couldn’t possibly be 16. And these human being were looking in ~ the same images I initially saw.

Fox In your book, girlfriend admitted that initially, you had actually no idea of Courtney’s age because, in she photos, she didn’t watch 16. However after you found out, why didn’t you reduced her off altogether?

Hutchison: It’s a elafilador.netplex answer because, by the time I became conscious of Courtney’s true age, we’d currently had fallen for each various other … ns remember she had actually a website up. As soon as we an initial connected she remained in Washington state and also I was in Hollywood. Ns was floored by how beautiful she showed up to me, however I believed she was in her so late 20s as many, numerous other world did. Not just based on her looks, but just based on her and also her personality. I hate to usage the cliche, yet she was beyond her years.

I was floored when I found out. Since initially, us were trading emails earlier and forth. Climate she offered me she phone number, I finished up calling and I obtained her mother Krista. I began talking elafilador.nete Krista about the opportunity of Courtney elafilador.neting down to Hollywood elafilador.nete take some of my acting classes since Courtney had actually expressed an attention in acting.

That’s when Krista educated me she was only 16. The follow-up phone call to Krista after that was, “I understand this is crazy however your 16-year-old daughter and also I space falling for each other and also I need you and also your husband elafilador.nete be aware of this. If it provides you unelafilador.netfortable, i will step away.” Krista said, “Doug, I’ve been surveillance every email between you and Courtney. You’ve to be nothing but stand-up honest and also respectful elafilador.nete our daughter. We have absolutely no trouble with this at all.” over there it to be – the eco-friendly light. However at the time, us were truly falling because that each other.

Fox follow to her book, girlfriend initially had actually no intentionally of marrying again.

Hutchison: i couldn’t even develop that that was possible until Courtney and also Krista revealed elafilador.nete me the there were particular states in our nation that would allow someone in our situation to obtain married through parental consent, favor Nevada. Yet initially, ns didn’t desire to acquire married again. I already had failed at two (previous marriages). The was never my intention when Courtney and I were introduced and also then her real age was revealed to me.

Courtney Stodden and Doug Hutchinson pictured together throughout filming for a TV show in 2013. Picture: Jesse Grant/WireImage

Fox You also claimed that one of the most elafilador.netplicated chapters for you to create was about Courtney’s pregnancy and also miscarriage. Girlfriend alleged it to be a lie. Climate why did girlfriend go together with it?

Hutchison: I’m no proud to recognize this, yet again, this publication is about the reality … i don’t justify it in mine book. I’m actually ashamed that we did it. I think that in some means it to be immoral. The was an extremely unfair to those world out there that sincerely suffered from miscarriages. However at that suggest in time, us were fully broke.

I couldn’t acquire a job to conserve my life in Hollywood anymore. Ns was black-listed. We did acquire a couple of reality shows that kept us afloat for a bit. Us had burned through all of my savings. Ns went bankrupt. We were trying to develop her credit. Us were the desperate. Honestly, ns didn’t even know if we might have payment the rent the next month. It gained that severe. So Courtney came up with a strategy. Ns don’t blame her for this. I don’t blame her for anything. It might sound odd, but I still love Courtney very, really much. I’m no in love v her anymore, yet I execute wish her the best.

I’m no trying elafilador.nete blame her, however it was she idea … She want to convince the public that she to be pregnant so us can get paid for interviews and possibly a fact show. It to be all about survival. It to be all about a means to make rent, to pay the bills. It to be desperation. Ns was an acelafilador.netplice. Ns felt at the moment there to be no other choice in order to endure … we didn’t think around the consequences, the future. Yet if you’re not pregnant, climate what? Then elafilador.nete the faux miscarriage. And that elafilador.netponent to me hurt the most. Right here we to be going elafilador.nete the press, going to our families, ours friends and also announcing we shed our baby. We got a the majority of empathy. And the sad elafilador.netponent is a lot of women came forward on social media saying exactly how sorry lock were since they went with the exact same thing. The push bought it, the general public bought it, the family members bought that – everybody bought it.

Fox the must have been elafilador.netplicated reading those messages.

Hutchison: the was disastrous to me. I didn’t want to look in ~ it. I just stuffed it all down. I don’t want to speak for Courtney, yet I virtually feel she ended up being a poster celebrity and also was may be to provide those world elafilador.netfort. I recognize that sound twisted, but that was the mindset. I sustained it to justification this fear – the horror of what us were going through and also the fear of what us were putting human being through. It’s yes, really infuriating to me currently … Every time ns stumble upon one of those posts (about the time), my love drops. For this reason enough. It’s time to reveal the truth, as challenging as the is. I’m not proud to admit this chapter at all. However all I deserve to say is desperation is the mommy of invention. And the creation was unfortunate … We kept an illusion that us were life large. However it was far from the truth.

Fox just how did confidence play a duty in help you gain your life ago together?

Hutchison: one of the (reasons) I fell in love through Courtney is that one of the things we did have in usual was that we are Christians. We talked around that a lot in our initial email exchanges. I was increased Catholic. I dropped out that my faith for a an extremely long time. And also then as soon as we married … we checked out church together … us became really close v the pastor and also his wife. Those were few of the most wonderful memories I have of gift married elafilador.nete Courtney – our Sundays. That was ours ritual. (Eventually,) we fell out … once I left Hollywood in September 2017 and also came back to Detroit whereby I grew up, i came earlier to my faith. I essential to acquire out the Hollywood since it was kicking my a**. I was there for virtually 30 years. I can’t think I sustained it for that long.


Hollywood is among the most an overwhelming places to hold onto her character, your faith. However I left because I felt I had actually nothing left. My marriage was over. Mine career to be over. I was broke. There was nothing keeping me in Hollywood. When I elafilador.nete in Detroit … I reunited with mine father who I had actually been estranged through for years. I discovered what an amazing male he is and also he obtained to understand me, too. And also through mine father, due to the fact that he is a guy of faith, I began going to his church. And I got back into mine faith. I began to work out again. I confronted my alcohol abuse head-on. It wasn’t easy and it didn’t elafilador.nete quickly, however I confronted it. I shed my belief in Hollywood, so it was an extremely refreshing to embrace it again in the past three and a half years now. And also it did wake up me up. I have a connection with God now. I don’t think it ever ended, I just ignored it for a while. I’m with family again. I’m teaching and writing. There’s a most light in mine life now.

This write-up originally showed up in Fox and was reproduced with permission.

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