Tyra Banks caught warmth this week end a resurfaced clip indigenous cycle 6 of America's following Top Model. The clip in concern shows the collection host/judge urging contestant Dani Evans come close the void in between her 2 front teeth, insisting the look was "not marketable."

"So Danielle, you checked out the dentist however you refuse to have your space closed," financial institutions told Evans in the 2006 episode. "Do you really think you deserve to have a CoverGirl contract with a space in her mouth?"

"Yes, why not?" Evans responds.

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"This is all people see ..." the organize said while sticking her finger on her front teeth. "It’s not marketable."

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The comments ignited controversy throughout social media, with countless slamming financial institutions for shaming Evans' gap and suggesting she remove it come adhere come beauty norms. Others additionally pointed out that Chelsey Hersley, a white contestant native ANTM cycle 15, had her space professionally widened in ~ Banks' request.

Model Slick Woods, that also rocks a signature this gap, criticized Banks' comments throughout a 2018 interview with Fashionista. She reiterated she criticism in one Instagram post on Tuesday, writing: "No one should ever talk to you choose that
danievans1, that episode fucked up little Simone/Slick therefore that’s how y’all feel

Evans came throughout the message and decided to deal with the debate on social media. The 34-year-old claimed she go not talk about the case when contacted by news outlets because she didn't feel prefer it was necessary. However, once she check out Woods' post, she felt it was important to speak up and also finally share she side of the story.

"I knew in that moment, after analysis words, the I have a responsibility to deal with what really happened and also to speak my truth," she said. "But allow me tell friend what this video clip is not. This is no a video to war against anyone, this is no a video clip to defame anyone's character, and this is no a video clip to talk about my relationship with Tyra. This is a video for me to speak my truth and also to carry out clarity and also for me to attend to an problem that was done 15 years earlier that carries weight and also that plainly affected a many young girls in America ..."

Evans then noted some background information on what led she to show up on ANTM. She claimed her brother convinced her come audition for the show because he knew just how badly she want to obtain out of tiny Rock, Arkansas. Evans claimed she was originally hesitant since she thought the present wasn't a true reflection of the modeling industry and didn't like exactly how the contestants were humiliated.

"With that being said, I had one goal in mind. That one goal was to gain out of mine hometown, to produce a different, better life for myself. The was the ..." she explained. "I wasn't also hungry, ns was starved to obtain out. You need to know that ... I had a goal and also anyone who stood in my method of gaining out of little Rock to be going to acquire bulldozed over."

Evans climate dished ~ above the unaired events that led approximately Banks' comments. She said all the contestants were sent out to the dentist in little groups. As soon as she arrived, she told the doctor she just wanted a cleaning and a whitening, however he repeatedly asked her if she want to close her gap. Evans stated she declined due to the fact that she was really secure with exactly how her this looked; despite she stated the gap was other that supplied to make her cry when she was a child, together her family members couldn't bought braces come close it.

Evans climate speaks on the episode's elimination scene, when financial institutions made the controversial remarks.

"So, i go forward and also Tyra's like, 'Why didn't you acquire your void closed?' I'm like, 'Huh?' She like, 'I told you to acquire your space closed.' I'm like, 'No girlfriend didn't'" Evans recalled. " ... In the moment, i knew what to be happening. Ns knew that i was basically set up."

Evans stated her 19-, 20-year-old self had actually a decision come make. She can either store her gap and also go back to she hometown or follow Banks' advice.

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"What you think I'mma choose, fam?" she continued. "So Tyra states to me, 'If i send you back to the dentist, will gain your void closed?' and also I satisfy her with one more question: 'So, what you're saying is, if ns tell girlfriend no, you're gonna send me home tonight?'"

Evans said she and also Banks went back and forth end the issue, till they finally concerned a compromise: She agreed to partly close the gap.

"I was no going to allow something that is physics on my face to prevent me from acquiring out to do a far better life for myself ..." she said. "Nothing or no one was walk to was standing in mine way. And also it wasn't around copping out, that was around understanding what yes, really carries weight and holds worth in my life—and teeth wasn't among them."

Evans claimed she wasn't upset around Banks' comments due to the fact that she had heard it all before. 

"What i was tight around is castle trying come play me and making good for TV," she added. "However, the me now, and also reading the comments and also understanding the weight the it produced in various other girls that saw that—this is why this post is being made, due to the fact that I want to deal with all that those young girl ... Therefore I'mma take it this time to develop up and also to speak to all of my young emperors that observed that illustration that were truly affected by Tyra's indigenous ... You're beautiful."