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​The White house issued indict on Nov. 1 that that Dec.8 deadline for federal builders to it is in vaccinated versus COVID-19 isn"tset in stone, giving companies v the possibility to educate workers pastthat date rather than fire workers that haven"t been vaccinated by then.

"A extended contractor should determine the appropriate means of enforcement through respect to its employee in ~ a covered contractor workplace that refuses to be vaccinated and also has no been provided, or walk not have actually a pending request for, an accommodation," according to the guidelines.

As federal home builders prepare to implement the vaccine mandate, many questions have developed on timing, costs and related issues, which motivated the White home to relax the brand-new guidance.  

We"ve gathered articles on the news from Online and also other media outlets.

"Flexibility in ~ the System"

Jeff Zients, the White residence coronavirus an answer coordinator, said he expects federal agencies and contractors "will follow their traditional HR processes and also that for any kind of of the probably relatively small percent of employee that room not in compliance, they"ll go with education, counseling, accommodations and also then enforcement." he added, "We"re creating flexibility in ~ the system. … there is no a cliff here."


Deadline for commonwealth Employees

Federal employees have actually until Nov. 22 come be totally vaccinated. The U.S Office of Personnel monitoring announced ~ above Oct. 1 the agencies might start disciplining spanned workers ~ above Nov. 9 if castle haven"t completed your vaccination process by Nov. 8. The White House"s current announcement may give agencies an ext flexibility.

( Online)

Senator"s Letter come White House

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., sent the White home a letter Oct. 26 asserting the the "federal contractor vaccine mandate will certainly have an unfavorable effects on our nationwide security." Tuberville referred to as on president Joe Biden "to remove—or, in ~ a minimum, delay and clarify—vaccination demands on personal companies and scholastic research institutions that are proactively supporting the room of Defense."

(Washington Examiner)

House equipped Services Committee Members" Petition

Nearly a dozen Republican legislator on the House armed Services Committee similarly petitioned the White House and Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin to reverse the Pentagon"s vaccine mandate for building contractors over fear it might lead to supply chain issues.

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White home Doesn"t Expect disturbances to Economy

Zients does not expect any kind of disruptions to the U.S. Economy as a an outcome of the vaccination mandate for commonwealth contractors. "These processes play out across weeks, not days," the said. American Airlines and also Southwest Airlines have actually said they don"t think the Dec. 8 deadline because that federal contractors would impact holiday take trip or result in employee leaving. Some market watchers feared widespread departures the unvaccinated employee just before the holiday season.

Zients also listed that a rule will soon be finalized to mandate that private-sector workers at companies with at the very least 100 employees room vaccinated or tested because that COVID-19 weekly.