GULF SHORES, Ala. ( — Gulf Shores City colleges students and staff will have the selection whether or no to wear masks as soon as they go back to classes top top Monday, Sept. 27.

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Superintended Matt Akin made the notice in a letter Friday afternoon.

Akin claimed the decision comes together COVID-19 situations trend downward. This week, the college district had five full cases.

“Masks space still extremely recommended,” Akin said. “It is additionally important the each the us proceeds to practice hand washing and also respiratory etiquette (covering coughs and also sneezes) to minimize the spread of contagious illness.”

Masks space still forced on buses, per CDC rules.

In enhancement to Gulf Shores, Baldwin County and also Saraland schools also updated your mask policies.

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Gulf coastline Covid-19 hotlines

CDC details on COVID-19

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