On the pages below, girlfriend will discover how every individual state reported COVID-19 cases and also deaths in long-term-care facilities. Below is no federal dataset about the affect of COVID-19 on this fragile population, us manually compiled figures once a week from every state and territory the reported case and death information for these facilities. Due to the fact that states had actually no uniform an approach of report the data placed forth by the federal government, nobody of the data is standardized.

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We kept categories like facility type, staff and resident cases and also deaths and also outbreak and cumulative situations in every feasible instance, which means these data points vary from state come state. Because the this, it’s crucial to keep in mind that comparisons throughout states using certain metrics cannot constantly be conveniently made. We recorded each state’s unique reporting practices, suddenly spikes, drops, definitional changes, and data anomalies to assist guide her understanding and also use the the data. We encourage all analysis to it is in approached v these note in mind.

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The COVID Tracking project collects and also publishes the most finish data around COVID-19 in the US.