For the 4th consecutive year, Covington Catholic has been called a PLTW - job Lead The way (PLTW) identified High School, among only 204 PLTW High school programs nationwide and only 5 in Kentucky to get this acknowledgment for 2020-21.

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" alt="Walker Smallwood courage Award: Leo Bouldin | NKYs 2021" class="fsStyleSROnly" />

Congratulations to Leo Bouldin (CCH 2021) because that being selected as St. Elizabeth's NKYs pedestrian Smallwood compensation Winner, provided to athletes who have presented endless courage when faced with complicated situations. After tragically shedding his brothers last summer and also switching schools throughout COVID-19, Leo Bouldin go on come break 5 school documents in track and also field together he channeled what would have actually been a negative situation into the strength and also courage the needed.#NKYs

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" alt="Covington Catholic's Ben Dickhaus honored through the north Kentucky "That's my Boy" award" class="fsStyleSROnly" />