Three years ago, Thecla Scott to be rocking out inside she restaurant in Jefferson, Louisiana. It to be her an initial Cow appreciation Day as a restaurant Team Member, and also she had agreed to play the function of DJ.

“That was my favorite Cow evaluation Day,” she remembers. “Thankfully, the guests loved my music!”


This year’s Cow appreciation Day - continue on Tuesday, July 10th - will be a tiny bit various for Scott. If the homemade cow costumes and complimentary chicken will certainly abound at restaurants nationwide, over there is miscellaneous else various that restaurant guests will certainly notice: the official 2018 Cow evaluation Day T-shirt that plenty of Team Members will certainly be wearing.

Thecla was amongst dozens the Team Members nationwide to enter an annual Cow appreciation Day T-shirt style contest, and also she won. Now an ext than 40,000 the her fellow Team Members throughout the country will wear her architecture to storage the Cows.

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“It’s a humbling experience,” Thecla says.

This year’s challenge was the perfect chance to incorporate two of Thecla’s loves: T-shirts and also “I’m a substantial T-shirt fan, for this reason I wanted something basic to highlight the cows. My friends and I choose to talk about different T-shirt draft featuring points we space passionate about.”


Cow appreciation Day is the one day of the year as soon as it’s it s okay to dress “udderly” crazy in exchange for complimentary food, and a happy homage to the lover bovines will be on full display screen in much more than 2,300 restaurants nationwide.

How does Cow evaluation Day Work? It’s easy!

1.Make or buy your cow costume. Any type of cow-related apparel will work!2.Wear her cow costume to her favorite restaurant in between opening and 7 p.m.3.Receive a cost-free entrée!

While the tradition of restaurant Team Members wearing one-of-a-kind T-shirts is reasonably new, the legacy of dressing up favor a cow to earn free chicken started 14 years back and has continued to construct momentum. In 2017, more than 1.8 million world showed your love for the cows. After ~ all, that doesn’t love free chicken? If you’re no able to walk full-cow crazy, don’t worry. Anyone who visits a restaurant top top July 10th, 2018 in any type of sort the cow apparel will acquire a free entrée.

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Back at the southern Clearview in Jefferson, Scott and also her team will be wearing she winning design, serving cost-free chicken and also loving every minute of it.

“It’s really an impressive experience to watch family and also friends get together, dressed up, and enjoying food,“ she says.