The Chiefs will have actually the poselafilador.netbility to end up being the eighth franchise to success consecutive supervisor Bowls in NFL history when they challenge the Buccanneers ~ above Feb. 7. 

Prior to Super key LV, 7 franchises achieved back-to-back Super bowl victories. Those groups include: 

New England Patriots (XXXVIII and also XXXIX)Denver Broncos (XXXII and also XXXIII)Dallas Cowboys (XXVII and also XXVIII)San Francisco 49ers (XXIII and also XXIV)Pittsburgh Steelers (twice: IX and also X; XIII and also XIV)Miami dolphin (VII and VIII)Green only Packers (Super Bowls I and II)

The Chiefs will attempt to end up being the very first team to success back-to-back super Bowls because the Patriots did therefore in 2004 and 2005. Brand-new England stop the documents for most Super bowl appearances (11) and is tied through the Steelers for many wins (6).

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No franchise has actually yet come win 3 consecutive at elafilador.netght Bowls in NFL history. The Steelers space the lone team to attain back-to-back to win on two different occaelafilador.netons, both occurring during their run of 4 Super key victories from 1975-80. 

The Buffalo Bills host the record for many consecutive Super bowl appearances with 4 from 1990-93 but lost in every of those matchups. Groups to attain three consecutive appearances incorporate the Miami dolphin (1971-73) and also Patriots (2016-18). Eleven full teams have made back-to-back appearances in the at elafilador.netght Bowl.

The Chiefs defeated the 49ers, 31-20, to victory Super bowl LIV behind MVP quarterback Patrick Mahomes. A second-straight supervisor Bowl success would note the third championship in Kansas City franchise history. 

Super bowl LV will be the Chiefs' fourth all-time appearance and the second for the Buccaneers. Tampa only quarterback Tom Brady will certainly attempt to success his saturday Super key in his 10th all-time appearance.


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