A Cowboys player has actually been arrested after exercise squad member Brown died when the automobile he remained in hit a kerb and also flipped over.

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Dallas Cowboys squad player Jerry Brown Jr was eliminated in a auto crash.


Tragedy has actually struck the NFL for the second time in small over a mainly after Dallas Cowboys player Jerry Brown Jr was eliminated in a road accident involving one more player.

Cowboys protective lineman mock Brent has actually been charged v drink control manslaughter after ~ the solitary car accident early on yesterday morning.

Brent was at the wheel the a vehicle, in which exercise squad linebacker Brown was additionally travelling, as soon as it fight the curb and flipped over at an early stage yesterday morning, coming to rest upside down.

When police arrived on the scene, Brown, 25, was unresponsive and also he was later on pronounced dead in ~ a neighborhood hospital.

Brent to be arrested for drink driving ~ being given a sobriety check at the scene of the incident. That was later on booked right into the Irving City prison on a counting of drink driving manslaughter, police said.

Nose handle Brent, who suffered minor scrapes, had actually been meant to begin for the Cowboys for the 6th time this season against Cincinnati this weekend.

The 2 played with each other at the university of Illinois native 2007-09,

"We room deeply saddened by the news that this accident and also the passing of Jerry Brown," claimed Jerry Jones, the Dallas owner.

"At this time, our hearts and also prayers and also deepest sympathies room with the members the Jerry"s family members and all of those that knew him and loved him."

The tragedy is the 2nd to struggle the NFL in a tiny over a week.

Last week, Kansas City chiefs linebacker Jovan Belcher cursed suicide outside the club"s Arrowhead Stadium residence minutes after ~ shooting and killing his girlfriend.

The NFL said in a statement: "We have been in contact with the Cowboys and have deployed employee members and our independent expert counsellors to help the team in handling this tragedy.

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"We are deeply saddened through the ns of Jerry Brown and extend our condolences to his family, friends, and the Cowboys organisation."

A statement indigenous Cowboys owner terry Jones read: "We are deeply saddened by the news that this accident and the pass of Jerry Brown.

"At this time, ours hearts and prayers and deepest sympathies room with the members that Jerry"s family and every one of those that knew him and loved him."



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