Football Seat watch for AT&T stadion (Cowboys Stadium) West SROFootball Seat check out for AT&T stadion (Cowboys Stadium) east SRO

Standing Room only tickets at at&t Stadium provide fans access to basic admission seating decks located throughout the stadium. These spaces are first-come, first-serve and also ticketholders will certainly not have actually a chair to sit in.

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The most typical SRO tickets space labeled West SRO and East SRO. These sections are situated near the endzone, just above the 300 level. Occasionally labeled Party Pass seats, these are a an excellent option for fans searching for a cheap ticket to the game.

Given the general admission standing room only layout, spots will fill up quickly in both the East and West SRO sections. We recommend showing up as early as possible to certain the finest spot.

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Note: this seats room highlighted ~ above the map


Standing Room only Seating Chart


We have actually party deck tickets. Exactly what walk this mean? whereby will us be sit or will we it is in standing the whole game?

Nov 2018

Party Deck tickets are standing room just at at & t Stadium. The party deck areas are behind each finish zone and feature multiple decks for fans through tickets to watch the game. Due to the fact that these space standing room sections, there space no scheduled seats for fans and also the ideal views will certainly be take away by the fans that arrive the earliest.

Fans in stand room only around an hour prior to a preseason game in 2014The Party pass tickets room the Cowboys name for SRO tickets, and also grant you the same access as any other SRO ticket. The SRO Party Decks (accessible to any kind of SRO ticket holder) are located in every endzone and feature 3 easily accessible levels to stand and also watch the game from. Us recommend gaining to the video game as beforehand as feasible since the finest spots will get occupied quickly....Read much more

Can you even see from the stand room locations at at&t Stadium? Where room these located for the George Strait concert?

Jun 2014

The standing room only areas are located over the 400 level seat in both the East and West endzones. These viewing locations will have actually some that the farthest views obtainable in the stadium, and also will only be able to see the smaller sized endzone dealing with videoboards (which are still substantially sized, yet are much smaller in comparison to the gigantic sideline encountering videoboards)....Read more