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The NFL top top Thursday returned to the field for its very first exhibition because 2019. The Steelers and also Cowboys squared off in the room of Fame video game in Canton, Ohio.

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The Steelers" running video game was more consistent 보다 the Cowboys" rushing attack. When Dallas" Rico Dowdle led v 43 yards on eight carries, Pittsburgh"s backs to be able to generate yardage transparent the game.

Rookie running earlier Najee Harris to be solid in his preseason debut. The Steelers" 2021 first-round choose notched a team-leading 22 rushing yards on 7 carries. Kalen Ballage aided the Steelers" cause by scoring the game"s lone rushing touchdown.

IYER: Steelers present Najee Harris will certainly have huge role in 2021

Joshua Dobbs was the only quarterback to litter a touchdown. The Steelers" third-string option on Thursday completed 4 the 6 passes because that 37 yards and the score. Mason Rudolph notched 84 yards ~ above 6-of-9 pass (he also fumbled), while Dwayne Haskins perfect 8 the 13 for 54 yards in his Steelers debut.

Cowboys back-up Garrett Gilbert paced the ar with 104 yards on 9-of-13 passing.

The Cowboys outgained the Steelers 347-250 because that the game, yet Pittsburgh won the turnover battle, forcing three Cowboys turnovers while committing just one. 

Sporting News tracked live scoring updates and also highlights from Steelers vs. Cowboys in the 2021 room of fame Game. Below are the crucial moments native the NFL"s preseason opener.

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Steelers vs. Cowboys score


Steelers vs. Cowboys live updates, highlights from hall of fame Game

(All times Eastern)

10:55 p.m. —  one incomplete pass ends the game. The Steelers emerge with a 16-3 win over the Cowboys in the room of call Game.

10:54 p.m. —  Well, DiNucci just scrambled for about 25 yards to choose up the fourth down. Over there are 4 seconds left.

10:53 p.m. —  DiNucci perfect a pair of downfield passes yet was sacked by Abdullah Anderson to pressure a fourth-and-19.

10:49 p.m. —  Dobbs rolled out on what showed up to it is in a bootleg, yet he didn"t have actually a running lane. He tried to pass, but it dropped incomplete. The Cowboys will gain the ball earlier with a opportunity to shot out a two-minute drill.

10:46 p.m. —  We"ve reached the two-minute warning. The Steelers command 16-3 and also have the sphere inside the Cowboys" 10-yard line. It"s fourth-and-1. They"ll most likely go for it to shot to acquire a very first down and run out the clock.

10:44 p.m. —  mockery Dobbs completes one more pass, this one come Anthony Johnson. The Steelers gain a an initial down and also an opportunity to bleed much more time turn off the clock.

10:41 p.m. —  Reggie Davis muffs the return for the Cowboys. The ball bounced up into his chest and fell earlier in former of him. Anthony Johnson jumps ~ above the ball and also the Steelers maintain it in an excellent field position.

10:40 p.m. —  The Steelers go three-and-out as well. The 2 teams room content to store the clock moving at this point in the contest. Under six minutes left.

10:36 p.m. —  The Cowboys go three-and-out and punt back to the Steelers. There"s 7:47 left and the Steelers have a 16-3 lead the they"re i can not qualify to relinquish.

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Score: Steelers 16, Cowboys 3

10:30 p.m. — Touchdown , Steelers. Joshua Dobbs throw a nice pass to an open Tyler Simmons in the end-zone. That, plus Sam Sloman"s extra point, gives the Steelers a 16-3 lead with 8:44 left in the fourth quarter.

Touchdown!Dobbs ➡️ Simmons