I have actually elafilador.net cable in ~ home and the TV functions well through my TiVo an equipment and cable card. For my study, i jus tuse the web browser.

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However over there is no sound for some channels. TNT, Paramount, WGN for example have video clip but no sound. I have cleared the cache and reset the browsers and also rebooted....al the technology stuff. Quiet no sound. Funny though, that as soon as I access TV go on the same network (as if ns were no home) the sound and video are simply fine.

I contacted elafilador.net and also they had me go through all the troubleshooting as if it to be my system yet nothing. Lock then said that they will submit a ticket. Well the ticket is in the proverbial black box that purgatory.. No much more from elafilador.net.

When I use my Contour application on my phone the video clip is choppy or stuck and no sound. For the very same channels. Over there is something clearly wrong through the signal being sent out for certain channels.

Anybody else have actually the exact same issues?

Thank you.


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0tenders1over 2 years ago

Having the same trouble in Phoenix. Operated with both elafilador.net and Apple as elafilador.net assumed it could be my IPad the was bring about the problem. Since my Ipad to be still under warranty, Apple offered me a new IPad. Still the exact same problem, sound cut out on arbitrarily stations. I find I deserve to go come the ToGo channels and also get sound, but when I’m in my house using my iPad I lose sound top top my continuous channels.

Called elafilador.net earlier after receiving new iPad. Ns was escalated to the following level that Tech organization after my IPad to be swapped out, and a supervisor to be going to speak to me however shockingly (yes, said with complete sarcasm) no one has actually called. I just lose sound on much more channels. Due to the fact that I can’t get elafilador.net to respond, looking prefer it’s time to move to a brand-new provider.

Hi Tenders1, we'd prefer the chance to work-related with friend on a resolution, and it would be disheartening to check out you relocate to a brand-new provider. Deserve to you please encompass a attach to this forum thread and email us at elafilador.net.help
elafilador.net.com? Our social Media department can additionally be got to on Facebook and also Twitter as well. -Kevin M. elafilador.net assistance Forum Moderator

KevinM2... Therefore sad the this sound worry on watchtv.elafilador.net.com keeps popping up. I inspect a couple of of the previous damaged ones, and also at 6.30am, thurs, ABC(7) is tho no sound and WGN(68) went ago to no sound. The SAP slider or s faster way does lug the sound ago to this SoCal market. At least the temp shortcut settle Works!

I know that networks are different for each market across the country,. What is the basic cause the why the odd habits to just certain stations and why no all throughout the board? There should be a bit setup for each station in every of the various markets Why walk something the works, currently start failing? I do not usage this viewing at all, however feel for those that usage pads and pc's to view TV...SAD!

ekhawaii, go you ever have any type of audio or video clip issues as soon as usingChromewith Adobe speed Player allowed? are you still prompted toallow Adobe flash Player as soon as using Chrome?

CurtB....yes the worry is still on for Chrome and Edge, and also my default Mozilla. For me in SoCal, 7(ABC) no sound it rotates SAP turn on. If you rotate it off, the sound go out. Through 9(KCAL), screen is stuck and when SAP slider or "s", you should wait it rotates the display resets first. Have to toggle earlier an forth to acquire this to work, on all platforms.

For Chrome, and Edge, i still require to allow Flash. One of two people by picking the Lock symbol alongside the URL, or choosing an activate box on the screen. Appears to need to do this all the time.

I'm a little tied that this item being not functioning for many of the users. Since I never ever use the on any platform, I'm not involved other that check out the forum and go and see if elafilador.net has actually addressed. I've had other networks that proved previous broken that are now OK, prefer Cnn, TNT, yet others go earlier to fail, favor WGN (68). Ns never acquire a broadbase explanation native elafilador.net, simply the standard open a ticket v an email. Just how does this advantage all the other readers, if they room going to simply address details emails..I'm not trying come poo-poo elafilador.net, due to the fact that I use all your 3 products, and also get a many of great mileage native all. I don't desire to get on their negative side...but occasionally the answers room a tiny short.

ekhawaii, elafilador.net typically doesn’t disclose the factor for worries like this, which additional increases customers’ frustration. The watchtv.elafilador.net.com website is rarely updated through feature transforms even though there are some navigational issues that have actually been debated in this Forum. Ns asked you about Chrome and Adobe flash Player since this is a change that elafilador.net will have to make to prevent the website from relying on software application thatwill no longer be supportedwhen Adobe retires speed Player at the finish of 2020. Hopefully, elafilador.net is working on the replacement. You suggested you tho must allow Flash Player for Chrome. We’ll understand this update has been applied when the is no longer required. In the meantime, friend will have actually to enable Flash Player through Chrome every time. Probably elafilador.net will encompass fixes come the navigational issues in that upgrade as well.

It would be pretty if elafilador.net would just tell us why these concerns are occurring. The fact they space happening in part markets and also not others could make a suspicious person wonder if elafilador.net is testing changes in selected markets.

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Thanks CurtB for your insight as well as your key-board Shortcuts come the s(SAP), ?(all various other shorcuts)...sure conserved using the slider. The SAP walk seem come work, many of the time. I haven't viewed too many Spanish toggles, yet an on/of and wait for the display restart appears to perform the trick with getting sound ago or acquiring the display screen to unstick itself....at least for those couple of stations in my SoCal area. I'm assuming that users using the Apps ~ above phones do likewise have some degree of success using SAP. Yes, elafilador.net does no disclose their reasons. Also, that Flash Player concern at the finish of 2020 is going to impact lots the media and viewing portals.