I think crab need to be the main flavor in Crab Cakes - no mustard or spices or bread crumbs: crab! well crab and a buttery fresh crust. Do you agree? If so, then this simple Crab Cake recipe is for you!


In restaurants, I almost never order crab cakes (or Crab Salad). Only if I"ve seen them and know that they actually look like crab top top the inside and also not like breadcrumb patties. So frequently crab cakes are loaded through filler ingredients and too plenty of other flavors.

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For this crab cakes recipe, I start with fresh crab meat and include just a couple of simple ingredient to organize them together. Then coat them in panko breadcrumbs so they have actually that fragile crunch ~ above the outside once you fry them. (I love to fried food them in a mixture that oil and butter because butter and crab are created each other!)

This is regularly referred to together "Maryland-style" (though it"s not technically a Maryland crab cake uneven it"s made with Maryland blue crab). Ns love how the Detroit totally free Press specifies it: "A trueMaryland crab cakehas discernible piece ofcrab. It"s made v just sufficient filler to organize it together, and also it has a sweetcrabflavor."


What sort of crab meat is finest for crab cakes?

Look because that high-quality lump crab meat that has a mix that of large and smaller sized pieces. Girlfriend can also use jumbo lump crab meat (without the smaller pieces), however it"s an ext of a an obstacle to save the crab cakes together when frying and also is substantially more expensive.

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Is canned crab meat good for crab cakes?

I don"t recommend making use of canned crab because that the best crab cakes. It"s precious the splurge to usage fresh bump crab. But if you decision to try this recipe through canned crab, save in mind the the top quality varies a lot through brand. Right here is an write-up that reviews several of the many common.


I tried number of recipes to come up with just the right ingredients come highlight yet not overpower the taste the the crab. Many recipes speak to for dijon mustard, Worcestershire sauce and/or Old bay Seasoning, ingredients the I favor for some foods, however not because that crab cakes as they overwhelm the crab flavor. And also I skipped the bell pepper and/or celery that countless recipes speak to for, opting for just some minced eco-friendly onion. Again, crab need to be the star!

Important cooking recipes Tip

There is one an obstacle to this bump crab cake recipe: you"ll have to be gentle as soon as flipping castle - they"re not tiny hockey pucks, so they call for some finesse. However you"ll also find castle forgiving.

Once you add the crab cakes to the pan, gently press down on the tops v a spatula come flatten castle slightly and also if lock crumble a small on the flip, you have the right to gently press them earlier together through your spatula. You"ll get the cave of it, i promise. And also the delicately crispy, buttery, crab-forward (is that a thing?) result will be entirely worth the effort.

Pair With

Serve this crab cakes through lemon wedges (for the perfect little squeeze that lemon) and also Remoulade Sauce or French Remoulade Sauce (similar totartar sauce) for dipping. To do these a meal include a basic green salad or Wedge Salad. And, for a feast, include a wedge that skillet cornbread, a platter of Brabant Potatoes,or a bowl of Tomato Bisque.

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Hungry yet?

How to do Crab Cakes

Step 1: Whisk together egg, mayonnaise, lemon juice, hot sauce and also green onion and gently fold into crab.