The boom is practically upon us, as Crackdown 3 will be releasing on Xbox One on February 15. We’ve taken an excellent looks at whatever from the single-player project to the over-the-top multiplayer of Wrecking Zone, however there’s one thing we haven’t revealed yet: the game’s achievements. ~ above today’s illustration of within Xbox, an imaginative Director Joseph Staten mutual that Crackdown 3 will certainly ship with 1500 Gamerscore, spread across the campaign and Wrecking Zone. Now, we’re excited come share the complete list of achievements, which variety from the straight-forward come the straight-up bonkers.

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Take a look in ~ the complete list below:

Campaign Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
Sleeper cells Activated Advance any type of Skill come Level 3. 10
Feeling O.P. Yet? Advance any type of Skill come Level 4. 20
Force To it is in Reckoned With Advance any type of Skill to Level 5. 20
All The Kills, all The Skills Advance all skills to Level 5. 30
Secondhand Shrapnel Use a Deadeye head shot on a Logistics robot to kill another enemy v the result explosion. 10
Watching The people Burn Terminate Katala Vargas, head the TerraNova’s market division. 20
Cut off At The Source Terminate Reza Khan, TerraNova’s production boss. 10
Toxic Wasteland Terminate Djimon Keita, TerraNova’s chemical boss. 20
Zen and The arts of Payback Terminate Kuli Ngata, head the TerraNova’s protection division. 20
Specialist Agent Advance any Skill to Maximum Level. 20
Overkill 101 Terminate Liv Sorensen, TerraNova’s Enforcer boss. 20
Systematic Deconstruction Terminate Alois Quist, head that TerraNova’s Logistics division. 20
Permanent Pink Slip Terminate Wilhelm Berg, TerraNova’s Manpower boss. 10
Humanity FTW Terminate ROXY, TerraNova’s Monorail boss. 10
Hostile Takeover Terminate Elizabeth Niemand in a game world set at any challenge level. 25
#AgentsFightBack Clear out your very first enemy asset. 5
Justice has Been Served Neutralize every opponent asset in new Providence in a single world. 40
Urban Mountaineer Reach the top of Elizabeth Niemand’s tower. 10
Lockdown Legend Survive Elizabeth Niemand’s final Lockdown. 10
That The best You Got? Defeat an foe retaliation. 10
Power to The People Mobilize a Civilian Militia. 10
Rooftop Master Successfully finish all Rooftop Races through a solitary Agent. 20
Road Master Successfully finish all road Races v a solitary Agent. 20
The Ringer Drive through every Stunt Ring in brand-new Providence through a single Agent. 20
Killer Cure because that a Pounding Headache Demolish 5 opponents with a solitary Ground Pound. 10
Bull In A China Shop Devastate 5 opponents with a single Flying Fist. 10
Demolition Derby Blow up 5 cars within 5 seconds. 5
Fists the BOOM Use Melee to death 5 opponents within 5 seconds. 10
Shot-Put Show-Off Hurl things other 보다 a grenade at least 330 feet. 5
Orb Curious Collect 100 Orbs that any form with a solitary Agent. 10
Orb Obsessed Collect 500 Orbs of any form with a single Agent. 20
Orb Hunter Collect every Agility Orb in new Providence through a single Agent. 30
Orb Master Collect every concealed Orb in new Providence v a single Agent. 30
Riding In Style Obtain the agency Vehicle. 10
Foot In The Door Unlock your an initial Supply Point. 5
High Roller Execute a 4 second jump in a vehicle. 10
Flirting v Disaster Drive faster than 100mph for 5 secs without hitting a wall or an additional car. 5
Roads? What Roads? Drive the firm Vehicle Spider form on a wall above 3300 feet. 10
Drifting The Night Away Sideswipe 10 adversary vehicles using the agency Vehicle Lightning type with a solitary Agent. 10
Dance, Fools! Electrocute 3 opponents at once using the Arc Rifle. 10
Fun v Gravity Catch 3 opponents with the Oblivion or singularity Grenade. 10
Just making Sure Unload an entire magazine the Decimator missiles ~ above a single enemy. 10
Circle of Life Collect every Agent DNA Orbs. 20
Ignition allude Precision Blow increase a automobile by shooting or hitting that is gas cap. 5
Come On, Walk that Off! Incapacitate an opponent using Deadeye. 5
Just gaining Started Advance any kind of Skill come Level 2. 5
Corporate Raider Terminate Elizabeth Niemand in a game people always set at legendary difficulty. 25
Proof of Life Collect your first Agent DNA Orb. 5
Statues the Liberty Capture all Propaganda Towers in a solitary world. 20
Decommissioner Complete all manufacturing Objectives in a single world. 10
Eco Warrior Complete all Chemical goals in a single world. 20
Freerunner Complete every Rooftop races at silver Level or greater with a single Agent. 20
Gadget Freak Unlock 10 tools with a single Agent. 10
Gold Medalist Earn your very first Gold roadway or Rooftop gyeongju medal. 10
Gun Collector Unlock 10 weapons through a solitary Agent. 10
Gun Enthusiast Unlock 20 weapons v a solitary Agent. 10
Jailbreaker Complete a prisoner Hardpoint. 5
Liberator Complete all sinner Hardpoints in a solitary world. 20
Party Foul Destroy a Monkey Moonshine Kiosk. 5
Peacemaker Complete all Enforcer missions in a solitary world. 20
Party Police Destroy every Monkey Moonshine Kiosks in a single world. 20
Monomania Complete all Monorail missions in a solitary world. 20
Road Rockstar Complete all road Races at yellow Level through a single Agent. 25
Road Racer Complete your first Road race at copper or higher. 5
Rooftop Rockstar Complete all Rooftop races at gold Level through a solitary Agent. 25
Rooftop Racer Complete your first Rooftop gyeongju at copper or higher 5
Secret Agent Hack a monitoring Cache. 5
Silver Medalist Earn your first Silver roadway or Rooftop race medal. 10
Super Sleuth Hack all monitoring Caches in a solitary world.

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Wheelman Complete all road Races at silver Level or greater with a solitary Agent. 20

Wrecking zone Achievements

Name Description Gamerscore
That’s One! Win a match 35
Demolition Man Deal a huge amount damages to structures in a single match 30
Finding your Rhythm Win 20 matches 40
Team Slayer Kill an entire team in a single match 50
A ton weight Reach 100 Kills 50
Arms Dealer Get a kill v every weapon in a solitary match 50
Hidden or Dangerous Complete a match without dying 50
Smackdown Get a melee kill 25
Apex Hunter Get MVP in agent Hunter 45
Hunter Gatherer Collect 100 Badges 40
The Landlord Capture 100 Territories 40
It’s my Island Get MVP in Territories 45

How many do you think you’ll be able to unlock? friend can find out in a pair weeks as soon as Crackdown 3 launches for Xbox One ~ above February 15. Remember, it’s also easily accessible on Xbox game Pass!

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