Hungry customers will soon have the ability to drink a mimosa through a Sunrise Sampler and a beer through an order of country fried steak in almost all Cracker Barrel restaurants in the country. 

Sandra Cochran, the president and CEO that the Southern-style food chain headquartered in Lebanon, Tennessee, announced the development of alcohol sales to an ext stores throughout a fourth quarter earnings contact with investors. 

"We"ll be introducing the beer and wine regimen to the bulk of our mechanism in budget "21 and we intend it to be in roughly 600 shop by the end of the budget year," Cochran said. "I remain excited about this initiative and in addition to the gaue won benefits, we believe these offerings support the guest experience by providing additional variety."

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Cracker Barrel, which now has an ext than 650 stores in 45 states, started testing restricted beer and also wine offerings in Florida prior to the coronavirus pandemic. However the testing pertained to a short halt together the pandemic shut down dining rooms across the country. 

Currently, beer and also wine are obtainable in about 100 Cracker Barrel stores, Cochran said. About 20 the those room in Tennessee and the rest are concentrated in Florida and also Kentucky, she said.

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"The performance of this initiative has remained in line v our expectations," Cochran said. "While the is greatly targeted in enhancing the dinner day part, our mimosas have proven to be quite famous in the breakfast and also lunch work parts," Cochran said.

The online food selection for one Tennessee-based store offers individual mimosas as well as drink kits for two and four people. They come in 3 flavors: orange, peach and also strawberry. Cochran claimed a new seasonal odor is expected shortly in Florida locations. 

The beer offerings encompass Budweiser, Bud Light, müller Lite, Pabst Blue Ribbon, angry Orchard and also Twisted Tea. The wine has Sutter Home"s moscato, chardonnay, merlot and cabernet sauvignon and Gambino sparkling wine. 

"Overall, we"re pleased," Cochran said. "We have not yet really began to encourage it, however I"m encouraged with how strong it"s ongoing to be, particularly in Florida wherein we"ve had actually it the longest." 

The development will be rolled out to stores in Indiana, Mississippi and also Virginia next, she said.

"The cadence is dependent come some, to a large degree ~ above the licensing demands in the areas we"re in and also to what degree we deserve to move through that. For this reason that"s just how the rollout will go. It"s difficult to predict," Cochran said. "We"re doing it as conveniently as us can."

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