We know Easter will certainly be spring a tiny different because that you this year together you stay in your residences to practice ideal social distancing. You might be celebrating from a distance with family members through a Zoom contact (if so, we have actually some lover backgrounds you have the right to use!), however just because your celebration event is a tiny bit the end of the norm doesn"t typical your Easter spread needs to suffer.

In fact, so many of your favorite food chains are offering easy family-style to-go meals because that the holiday that deserve to be ceded right to your door or ordered because that a minimal call curb-side pick up. Also better—select restaurants are providing alcohol to-go too so your whole Easter meal have the right to be simply that easy.

If you still desire to cook homemade Easter meals for your virtual holiday meal, we have actually all the standard recipes friend need, yet if you"d like to pick up a ready-to-eat Easter enjoy the meal from a restaurant, here"s whatever you have to know.

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1Bob Evans


Bob Evans
The chain has actually a ton of options you deserve to enjoy all Easter weekend long. If you"re right into a heat-and-serve situation, enjoy among its Farmhouse Feasts whereby you can choose from turkey or ham and get meals with all the fixings...including dessert. If friend don"t desire the hassle, you can also order ready-to-eat meals native dinners come breakfasts. Watch the full list of offerings here.


For the occasion, Cracker Barrel has a few family meals girlfriend can pick from consisting of a element Rib warmth n" Serve family Dinner that serves four to 6 people and also can be all set in approximately three hours.

Other alternatives include one Easter warmth n" Serve family members Dinner that functions a traditional spiral-sliced sugar-cured ham the feeds four to six and also an Easter warmth n" serve Feast, which includes a complete Easter meal the serves eight come 10 people. Both will certainly be hot and also ready to go in roughly three hours.

periodically the best traditions come from non-traditional times. Order among our family Bundles now and also enjoy a brand-new Sunday dinner tradition.

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Carrabba"s Italian Grill has actually spring dining specials that are available through April 4 and include wood-grilled lamb chops all set with a signature grill baste, olive oil and herbs, a mint bourbon demi-glace and selection of side, a Mahi Wulfe that comes lightly breaded, wood-grilled and also topped with artichokes, sun-dried tomatoes and also basil lemon butter sauce, and Chicken Piccata sautéed and also topped through lemon butter sauce, parsley and capers.

our grill is fired up, and we"re all set to send you house with your favorite steaks. Order Curbside To go online, with our app, or give us a call. Connect in bio.

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Families can enjoy family members Meal deals from LongHorn Steakhouse starting at $9 per person for a family of four, featuring choice of a shareable entrée, hand-chopped salad, and four sides. Guests can likewise order new steak cut from the LongHorn Steak Shop attach by LongHorn’s proprietary seasoning and instructions indigenous their skilled Grill masters on just how guests can prepare them at home.

our kitchen. Your dining room. Let"s memory Easter together with our family members style Easter menu starting at $100. View menu at the attach in our bio.

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Seasons 52 has available an Easter dinner in the previous that featured your choice of one of two people glazed spiral ham ($100) or wood-grilled beef tenderloin ($140), salad, roasted green beans, the selection of secondary side, and mini desserts.

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With all of our NEW! family Meal Deals, we’re advantages at helping v Lent...To Go! bespeak our new Fish Fry household Meal top top RedLobster.com and get *FREE TOUCHLESS delivery (with maximized distribution area). Various other bundles start as low together $7/person. We additionally offer touchless payment via our app and also online, and Touchless Pickup!

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A family of four can enjoy among 11 meal alternatives (like salmon, sirloin, shrimp scampi, crab linguine, and more), along with biscuits and sides.