Cracker Barrel brand cheese has been approximately since 1954. Simply recently, the firm has started making macaroni and also cheese. You watch where this is going…

First the all, let united state say the this is not the same Cracker Barrel as Cracker Barrel Old nation Store. That ar is different. Confused yet? Have another beer…

This Cracker Barrel is now owned through Kraft. So Kraft has pushed it to the following level by offering the brand-new mac and also cheese. There room a bunch of seasonings available.

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Sharp Cheddar, spicy White Cheddar, Cheddar Havarti, and also Sharp Cheddar & Bacon are available, every expertly shot over at our local Kroger by Herman.

Think around this for a minute. Kraft currently has the constant Kraft mac and cheese that has been about forever. Kraft additionally makes Velveeta mac and also cheese. Now, we have actually the Cracker Barrel version. Yet they space all the very same company. Girlfriend are competing with yourself, Kraft! but ok, makes sense we guess.

Cracker Barrel Macaroni & Cheese is design to be “higher end,” if friend will. According to an article in AdvertisingAge, Cracker Barrel’s version is, “…is positioned in ~ a premium to Kraft’s various other boxed macaroni and cheese products…” So, this is basically an upscale mac and cheese. An excellent enough.

Also, the box states that there are no synthetic flavors or dyes. Nifty. We don’t care around that, yet whatever. It’s “high end.” Or something.

As you have the right to see, “The difference Is In The Cheese!”

We love macaroni and cheese. What isn’t come love around a bowl full of cheese all over macaroni? Plus, the makes great drunk food. We decided to testimonial the spicy Cheddar version because that seems like the standard. No, we aren’t ordinary! Stick v us, people.

Oh look! Macaroni! and also a cheese packet! the is worth noting that the macaroni is much bigger than the continuous Kraft kind. Plus, they have actually nifty little ridges top top them. Classy.

We cook the macaroni for 10 minutes and also it to be perfect, despite the box saying to cook for 11-12 minutes. Actually, we didn’t chef it. Herman did. Denny would burn water, for this reason Herman wouldn’t permit him close to the stove!

Yummay! cook macaroni and also a glob the cheese sauce. View the little pattern ~ above the mac? Also, this is a an excellent time to carry up that the cheese isn’t a powder like constant Kraft mac and also cheese. However it is different than the Velveeta kind, too. An ext on the later…

Herman expertly mixed the goo (HO HO!) almost everywhere the mac, and…

If the isn’t one an excellent looking key of mac and cheese, we don’t know what is!

The macaroni itself is great stuff. Together mentioned, it is much bigger than the consistent Kraft stuff. This made for a pretty filling meal. Various other than that, the is macaroni. Not lot else come say.

The cheese is the to mark here, obviously. The smell is indeed a spicy cheddar, yet it isn’t overly sharp. We think the is a good thing. The consistency to be very creamy. We can put a hoax here, however we will certainly actually ~ do so we are civilized because that once!

Velveeta turns to concrete virtually immediately, and also this cheese walk not. It remained pretty creamy. Herman took a if to complete his key (because that wouldn’t prevent drinking!), and also only after rather some time walk the cheese begin to congeal. However he mixed it earlier up, and it gained pretty creamy again. Through this time, Velveeta would have hardened to the allude of becoming a weapon!

Overall, this is very great macaroni and cheese. The is a notch above the continual Kraft kind and Velveeta. We deserve to see why Kraft would position this the method that the is.

The price, as you experienced above, was $3.49 at Kroger. We think it would probably be cheaper in ~ Walmart. But due to the fact that we are too lazy to go and also check, us can’t say because that sure. Detectives we ain’t.

As we said, this is a notch better than the various other kinds. So, us think it is worth the extra money. Plus, according to the boxes, you gain twice the amount of food in the Cracker Barrel box together you execute in 1 crate of the constant Kraft mac and also cheese. The value is there because that what you get.

Would we acquire it again? Yes. This is good stuff. The is good by itself together a meal, and also it would certainly make a great side dish.

Good job, Kraft. Us approve, and also that’s all that matters!

Very sad august 15, 2016 in ~ 10:21 PM

I am very disappointed. Together a Mac and cheese conisseaur ns was not pleased. I think this box of mac & cheese to be plagiarized and just a downright dissapointment to the Mac and also cheese lovers of this world. I compose this on behalf of everyone. Save your money!!! ns figured i would provide every box of mac & cheese a fair chance. This have to be taken turn off the market. Ns wouldn’t want anyone to waste their time and also hard earn money ~ above this garbage. Ns love Cracker Barrel come death. I usage to work-related for them. But this is just a disgrace to the mac and also cheese society as a whole. Warm sauce didn’t also make that better. Ns mean, a tad better. Give thanks to you.

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SallyZ January 3, 2017 at 12:50 PM
JW June 10, 2017 at 7:59 PM

I go a tiny searching online for reviews about this product since I tried it and was curious to see if anyone had actually the very same opinion ns did. Analysis through this review, ns honestly have no idea what type of taste the world who wrote this post have! i was exceptionally DISAPPOINTED! ns tried this product once it an initial arrived at my local grocery store (roughly 6 months ago) and also boy was i excited to shot it. WRONG. I choose mac and also cheese, no love it, whether its boxed or homemade to me its the ultimate comfort food, I’m certain many civilization would agree. Yet after having actually this, I’ll stick to a nice key of the original Kraft in a pinch or make part homemade. Thanks Cracker Barrel, but no thanks. It just goes to display that a nice picture on a crate is no a guarantee. In mine opinion, and contrary to what this short article says, this product is no much better than Velveeta Mac and also Cheese.