These Copycat Cracker Barrel Pancakes room the best buttermilk pancakes! just 5 ingredients and 5 minutes to have actually hot pancakes from scratch on the griddle. Ns would additionally like to think they will certainly be the ideal pancakes you have ever eaten! (I think that is the buttery crust…)

I am an pure pancake fiend! from time come time us make trips come Cracker Barrel because that my all time favourite pancakes. Unfortunately, it is hard for me to justify paying around $10 for a key of white flour in a according to room. The fact is you deserve to make excellent pancakes at residence for pennies ~ above the dollar and never need to wait for a table.

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Because I understand you favor simple, I placed together a mix alternative for this cooking recipes too! the is yes, really easy and there is no reason to not make your very own mix in ~ home.

This Cracker Barrel Buttermilk Pancake cooking recipes is my Masterpiece

I spent 6 months experimenting with pancake recipes. I have pretty much tried every option out there. Milk, Belgian buttermilk, short fat buttermilk, cream, lots of butter, flour measurement techniques, sugar options, food preparation styles, save bought mixes and on and on.

After literally thousands of pancakes (all dutifully taste tested!) this is mine masterpiece that pancake recipes.

When I started I walk not even know there was such a point as Belgian buttermilk. It turns out success is all around the simple mix of ingredients and buttering the griddle before every new pancake goes on it. Who would have guessed?

Getting The Cracker Barrel Pancake recipe RIGHT

The recipe calls for 2 teaspoons that baking soda. I’m no crazy. It’s not a typo. Girlfriend really require to include 2 teaspoons.

It also calls because that a complete teaspoon of salt. If you space sensitive to salt girlfriend can shot cutting this down to 1/2 teaspoon and see what friend think. These pancakes are intended come have an ext salt and also sugar than various other recipes (it is part of the Cracker Barrel Secret) but by all method adjust for her needs.

Using an ice Cream Scoop to make buttermilk pancakes

This is the form of ice cream scoop I usage to make the pancakes. Any type of 4oz scoop the this layout will do.

The ideal Electric Pancake Griddle ~ above the Market

We have actually owned multiple electrical griddles and dealt with broken handles and also uneven heating. Several years ago I take it the plunge and bought the remarkable Zojirushi Gourmet electric Sizzler.

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This is a major workhorse the a griddle! that comes with a LID i m sorry is good for hash browns and bacon. The thing is a beast – it heats evenly, has actually a big cooking surface, and you can also use a metal spatula ~ above it since it is therefore durable! (Seriously they even ship friend a metal spatula – the is how sturdy it is!)

In basic getting great quality food preparation equipment is precious it for good breakfasts – a solid electric griddle is certainly worth it!

Using Buttermilk Substitutes for Buttermilk Pancakes

Good news / negative news with buttermilk substitutes.  yes you deserve to use one for these pancakes but it is never quite as good! I’ve tried the 1 Tablespoon that vinegar in milk. I’ve make the efforts powdered buttermilk. Ns know people use kefir and sour cream and also even yogurt substitutions. But nothing is quite the exact same in this recipe!

I’ve excellent it in a pinch but always end up absent that extra one-of-a-kind consistency and also flavor indigenous true, cultured buttermilk.