There is no denying the the cracker barrel chicken and rice is fantastic meal the serves any occasion. I have had this meal a couple of times however have never been able to frequent their outlets often enough to quench my never-ending craving for their dishes.

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First off, ns recently moved to the countryside and also cannot make the commute as regularly as I would wish. Include that to the variety of kids ns have roughly me many of the time and also the time and energy spent in getting to a Cracker Barrel would certainly be too much. The is hence that I chose to come up with a recipe that equalled the dishes that they serve.

Online results did not execute me much good, and also I determined to begin from scratch, and also that is exactly how I ended up with this Cracker Barrel Chicken and also Rice recipe. Mine friends and family swear through it, so ns am certain it will serve you well on those Sunday night dinners. Enjoy!

All You should Know about This Dish

The first thing that you should understand is the this is not the original recipe together I have made sport of mine own. Because that this reason, I refer to it together my copycat cracker barrel chicken and rice recipe. The great thing about this enjoy the meal is the you deserve to make a ton that alterations without an altering how great it is.

Also, you only need three ingredients t3o get it right. The remainder of the components that come around can vary depending upon what you have in your kitchen. The all about finding the ideal mix of ingredients because that you for this reason feel free to be creative.

You will certainly need about three minutes to prepare the dish, and also that’s a great thing because that someone prefer me who resides in a busy household. I must be nearly everywhere in ~ the very same time, and it makes food preparation hectic to some extent. Through under 5 minutes come prepare a meal, I recognize that over there is not much that have the right to go wrong throughout this time. Plus, the youngsters can aid out without gaining bored.

Start at an early stage when making this dish.

If you plan on serving it at seven, then you had best get began at about two in the afternoon as it will certainly take around four hours come cook. I like having actually an allowance of about five hours so the if anything go wrong, I will have enough time to do amends where necessary.

This recipe works for all cooking levels, and also a beginning of the person should likewise have an easy time with the preparation and cooking. It is necessary to note that this cooking recipes yields four servings. If you great to serve more people, girlfriend can alter the ingredients accordingly.

As for the cooked rice, you are complimentary to usage the selection that you choose best. Ns love trying out different types to acquire a feeling of the varying flavours, and the enjoy the meal comes out ideal each time.

That said, let’s get to cooking!

How to make Cracker Barrel Chicken and also Rice


A have the right to of cream that mushroom soupFour skinless and also boneless chicken breastsA tablespoon the dried minced onionCooked riceA tablespoon that ground black pepper

And as with that, friend are prepared to start making this dish. It’s so simple to make, yet that won’t be obvious to anyone that eats this meal. They will swear the you must have used every the ingredients on which you might lay her hands. Yes, it’s the good.


Start through gathering all the ingredients and making any substitutions whereby necessary. If this is your first try in ~ this meal, ns recommend that you stick to this recipe and you can make changes at succeeding attempts. If you acquire it appropriate this time, climate it must not it is in a hassle to find areas which can do with some transforms to best suit your loved ones.

Take the chicken breasts and place them in ~ the bottom that your slow-moving cooker. Leave them right here for a while as you job-related on the various other ingredients.

Get a small dish and in it, add the cream that mushroom soup. For the soup, you will certainly find countless varieties in the supermarket. The a an excellent idea to go for the healthiest choice that girlfriend can obtain so the you deserve to lower the number of calories the you consume. If this is not lot of one issue, you have the right to grab any kind of can and get come cooking.

In the bowl v the soup, add some dried minced onion as well as the pepper. Combine the ingredients in the dish until they same mix. You can opt to perform away v the mixing, but this might impact the flavour of your chicken. V an even mix, it becomes simpler to spread the seasoning on the chicken, therefore ensuring that each component soaks in the tastes.

The an outcome is one unbelievably tasty chicken!

Take the mix and spread it end the chicken breasts. Together you carry out so, ensure the you do not leaving any component untouched. Place the pieces in your crockpot and also cover it through a lid. Ensure the heat is ~ above low. You can now move on to other activities around the home as friend wait because that the meat to cook.

Usually, the chicken cooks for anything in between four come six hours and also this all depends on the sizes of the meat. Sometimes, you may be short on time, and also you wish to make this enjoy the meal in a hurry.

In such a case, your finest bet lies in having thinly sliced breasts as they can chef in around two hours. Mean sizes take around four hours while huge pieces require around six hrs of cooking to be totally done.

Check if the chicken is ready in about four hours. As soon as it is ready, ar it in gravy, and also you have the right to now serve your guests. For the rice, go with any style that you great to have. Read the accuse on the package, and you will be great to go.

If girlfriend are looking for a very delicious yet simple meal that you deserve to whip increase without lot effort, this Cracker Barrel Chicken and also Rice recipe is the method to go. Over there is an additional variation that ns tried a couple of weeks ago, and also people appeared to love it simply as lot as the one above. If you’re feeling passionate to try another alteration, below we go!

A Cracker Barrel Chicken and also Rice cooking recipes With much less Calories

Now, this Cracker Barrel Dish variation is what I might comfortably speak to comfort food. The delicious, and also I included a few changes to ensure the it is healthy. By now, girlfriend may have actually realised that i emphasise a lot of on healthy options, however there is a whole other story to that, for another day.

And the healthy choices do no interfere with the taste for this reason you room sure to gain it as lot as the ahead option and also as lot as you would appreciate what friend would discover at Cracker Barrel.

Picture this. That the end of a lengthy weekend, and you are around to start another long week in ~ work. Sometimes I think that the reason why mine Sunday dinners space so famous is that world are searching for ways come escape Mondays. And also what much better way to do so 보다 by indulging in comfort food?

Now imagine creamy chicken sitting on some warm rice the is steaming under the warm of the meat pieces. Does that make Monday it seems to be ~ like less of a hurdle? Well, i no much longer hear my children complaining about school the following day, and also I will, therefore, take it together a yes.

This recipe is rather easy, and also you should complete in an hour or so.

Another thing about it is that it is not restrictive and you have the right to make transforms where you feel that an additional ingredient would serve girlfriend better. Because that the rice, I can go white on some days. However, you will uncover me working v quinoa or wild rice now and also then together I seek healthier options for my family. Yet once in a while, okay go an easy white.

The rice cooking directions room as every the package or exactly how you prefer it best. It’s the chicken that needs most of her time and also attention for you to gain it right.

You will take around ten minute to prepare this meal and around forty-five minute to cook the chicken come perfection. Setting aside around one hour or thereabout is advisable, especially throughout your first try. If you have actually help, you can cut down the preparation time in half, leaving friend with an ext time to job-related on various other things such together the veggies.

For the chicken, go v strips. Cut the meat into bigger pieces will mean that you will spend much an ext time cooking than that suggested in the recipe. This recipe offer four civilization so feel cost-free to make adjustments whereby necessary.


Two cup of rice cooked to the halfway stageOne diced onionOne can cream of chicken soupA packet the chicken gravyOne and a half pounds that chicken


Ensure the you have all the ingredients that you need before starting the preparations. Start by preheating the oven to three hundred and also fifty levels Fahrenheit before doing noþeles else.

The essence behind this is come ensure the the range is hot sufficient to cook the chicken pieces as soon as you space ready. Preheating in ~ a later stage method that the stove will take it time to produce enough warm for the cooking and thus her chicken will certainly take longer to it is in ready. It likewise interferes v how good the chicken tastes once done.

Next, start food preparation the rice. Keep watch over the procedure and as soon as the rice is halfway ready, throw in the diced onion such that it boils with the rice it rotates doneness. Ensure that the rice is dry prior to taking it turn off the heat.

By this stage, your cooktop is hot, and you have the right to now cook the chicken pieces in it with ease.

Line a baking dish through non-stick cooking spray or other material that will ensure that the rice does not stick throughout cooking. The baking tray that you select should it is in hollow sufficient to accommodate the rice and also the meat pieces. Place the cooking rice at the bottom of the baking dish and also ensure the it spreads end the whole area.

Next, location the chicken strips on top of the rice, ensuring the you spread out them evenly. You deserve to now spread the chicken soup over the pieces. Some world prefer come dilute the cream. However, I discover that one gets the finest results from using the soup as it is from the can.

For the gravy, you can go around this in 2 ways. If you get the one in a packet, climate you have to mix it v one cup the water before pouring that on the chicken pieces. Friend can additionally opt come buy the one in a have the right to as you have the right to use this one together it is.

Cover the dish with aluminium foil after ensuring the the soup covers the chicken pieces in entirety. Ar the baking dish in the oven and let the chicken and also rice chef at 3 hundred and fifty degrees Fahrenheit because that forty-five minutes. Avoid opening the oven as the meat cooks together this leader to a lose in temperature i beg your pardon affects the food preparation period.

After forty-five minutes, friend can inspect the meat because that doneness. Once the enjoy the meal is ready, you have the right to remove the aluminium foil and also serve your guests while the is hot. If you execute not wish to eat the immediately, you deserve to lower the warm in the oven and also let the pieces continue cooking.

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With these two variations, you have actually an assurance the your love ones will look forward to dining at her home. And when that comes down to choosing between your Cracker Barrel Chicken and Rice option and also that at the outlets, lock won’t notice the difference.

So nothing be shocked as soon as they claim that friend bought it provided how great it tastes. Ns hope that you took pleasure in my Cracker Barrel Chicken and also Rice recipe. Give thanks to you!