Blake Shelton surprised longtime friend Craig Morgan throughout his figure on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Craig talked about how the loss of his son influenced his song referred to as “The Father, my Son and the divine Ghost.” once he performed the tune live, host Kelly Clarkson remained in tears and also Blake absolutely looked favor he was on the verge that tears.

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Blake Shelton almost Shed Tears after ~ Hearing Craig Morgan’s Song

Craig’s late boy Jerry Greer tragically passed far at the age of 19 after a boating accident in 2016. “I lost my boy in a drown accident 3 years ago. I tell some of my friends, for them it happened three years ago but because that me it was yesterday. And also every job is yesterday,” Craig said when he sat down v Kelly. He turned come songwriting as a way to cope through the loss.

Craig’s longtime friend Blake was affected tremendously by the song, so much so the he came to show his support on The Kelly Clarkson Show. “It’s easy to attach that tune to noþeles that’s occurred in your own life. But due to the fact that Craig has actually been a girlfriend of mine for so long, and also Gwen and also I were in reality at the funeral,”The Voicecoach said. “It to be his story and it struggle me that difficult just learning him and also the awful tragedy, i can’t even imagine. It’s together a great, an excellent song. And he had sent it to me.”

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Prior to this appearance, Blake tweeted “I would gladly provide up mine spot on nation radio to obtain this tune on.. Wow
cmorganmusic you blow me away brother.. Yes nothing easy or fun about writing a song prefer this but sometimes it’s simply something you gotta do.”

cmorganmusic you punch me away brother.. Yes nothing straightforward or fun about writing a song favor this however sometimes it’s just something girlfriend gotta do. Https://

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Craig carry out the emotionally ballad i m sorry was exceptionally raw and touched the understanding of so many people. Kelly in addition to guest Eva Mendes to be crying and you might see the Blake was additionally visibly emotional. They offered him a stand ovation and Blake went as much as Craig to adopt him in a hug together the present went to commercial break.

Why Doesn’t Blake Cry top top Camera?

Blake definitely has a noticeably hard exterior. When his girlfriend Gwen Stefani or other coaches cry ~ above The Voice, he always seems much more composed. There have been times wherein Blake has burned his difficult shell to disclose that that too can be emotional sometimes. However, we really rarely check out tears native him. Throughout a promo because that season 12 that The Voice, Blake talked around how his so late brother motivated him.

“My greatest musical influence wasprobably mine brother. Everyone he was listening to, that’s what ns listened to. It to be so loud,” the said. His brothers Richie passed away at the age of 24 in a vehicle accident once Blake was simply 14 year old. He composed the emotional tune “Over You” come remember that in 2011 i m sorry led him to obtain a CMA for track of the Year. This rare heartwarming moment was just a glimpse in ~ Blake literally just being human.


Blake return to season 19 of The Voice along with Kelly, Gwen and John Legend on October 19. Will certainly this finally be the season that Blake in reality cries ~ above camera?