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Craig Robinson is an American actor/elafilador.netedian best known because that his duty as Darryl Philbin top top The Office, and for movies together as Hot bath tub Time Machine, The Pine-Apple express and Knocked up.

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Craig Robinson. Photo supplied.

Robinson actually started his career in stand-up elafilador.netedy in ~ The second City in Chicago, and now he’s heading to Australia in December v a brand-new elafilador.netedy show.

Robinson has previously been to Melbourne just to film five minutes that a world elafilador.netedy TV show, and also he’s excited to be heading earlier Down Under.

“I love it”– he states of Melbourne, the only Australian city he has actually yet to visit –”It to be a cross between San Francisco and Beverley Hills – cool, chic and sexy”,

The element of the tourism which Robinson is many looking front to is connecting v the audiences (as stand-up enables you to do) and also seeing some kangaroos. That was surprised to discover out that he can actually pat and feed them at Lone jaw Koala Sanctuary: “You typical you can acquire in all among them?” he quipped.

As for the show, Robinson assures me it will involve “some jokes, part music, part audience participation. The a run party sing-along. We’re the end to have actually fun.”

He explains the band for his tour – the Nasty Delicious – as a unique group. With a actual mix of category on show (old school, height 40, and improvised material), it’s one exciting venture for Robinson

“We don’t acquire to execute together an extremely often. My brothers is in the band v me and also he introduced me to several of the others; the guitar player and the drum player.”

When asked will fans the The Office acquire to listen the “Dunder Mifflin- the civilization person’s paper people” ditty native the show, Robinson sounds interested by the idea: “Do you think human being would like to listen that?”. As a fan of The Office, I assure him that i would, as would countless other fans, ns sure.

Even 3 years ~ its finale, the still follows him around, “It’s a beloved show. Girlfriend feel like you were one of the favored ones being a elafilador.netponent of it.” that enjoys that world elafilador.nete approximately him and treat him prefer a friend, and it will sometimes take till they speak something like ‘Well it to be nice to fulfill you’ prior to he realises he doesn’t actually recognize them. He must have some amazing encounters. Once remembering his funniest and also best fan moment, Robinson starts to chuckle, “See, once you to speak best, mine mind go someplace naughty.”

He pauses, “But funniest? Let’s put a pin in that and elafilador.neteback to it – maybe.”

We rotate to politics instead.

“What’s her reaction to Trump’s win?”

There’s a pause, and also then “Congratulations. Let’s all job-related together.”

We move on. What’s following on his agenda? He tells me he’s simply finished filming Caraoke – a tv show that personally from to sing is, in his own words, “me driving around, picking world up, just having actually fun.”

That will be elafilador.neting the end soon. V the ever before busy schedule Robinson has actually quite a couple of movies elafilador.netes out following year together well.

We circle earlier to his funniest fan moment after he’s had time to think the one; “Sometimes on twitter, someone can tweet ‘Craig Robinson’s no that funny’, and then your friend can elafilador.nete earlier with ‘don’t ever before say that!’ and then I’ll jump in and say something choose ‘Well played!’”.

He laughs – it’s clean he enjoys offering them a little of a shock.

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After a detour, we elafilador.nete full circle, ago to his show, i m sorry is right now touring in the US. And although the is rather structured there will certainly be plenty of room for improv. Robinson explains, “We go with the crowd, the moment.”

When explicate his format of elafilador.netedy, Robinson casually explains, “It’s me sit at the key-board acting silly.”

Craig Robinson and the Nasty Delicious will be happen their unique brand that silliness to Australia 11-19 December 2016, and will tour Adelaide, Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Perth.