If you prefer to purchase or sell offered items locally, the initial ar to watch is most likely going to it is in sites favor Craigslist. Craigslist has a lot to sell sellers. It’s totally free to list and also sell top top Craigslist.

And because most transactions room local, girlfriend can gain your money and get escape of ingredient quickly.

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However, you may not it is in comfortable v Craigslist for every little thing reason. Or, perhaps you simply want more classified sites to choose from.

These Craigslist alternatives permit you come buy, sell, or profession online if you’re trying to find something different.

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Top Craigslist Alternatives

Top Craigslist Alternatives

If friend are searching for sites choose Craigslist, here are numerous Craigslist alternatives you have the right to consider. Check out the details of this sites. You might find lock a far better way to sell your ingredient online.

1. Facebook Marketplace

You can think of facebook as a location to check out the latest standing updates for her friends or clock viral videos. However, over there is place on there called Facebook Marketplace whereby you deserve to buy and also sell items.

Since practically everyone has a on facebook account, there is a huge marketplace of human being buying and selling stuff. If girlfriend are having actually a difficult time selling something top top Craigslist, think about listing the on Facebook.

Simply kind in the name of your local city and online garden sale to uncover local selling groups. Or use the “Buy and Sell Groups” button in the discover menu. Or, click the Marketplace tab top top the left sidebar that your on facebook page.

You deserve to search for details keywords within the group if you are searching for a certain product come buy.

If you execute not submit any search criteria, the outcomes will look favor your constant Facebook news feed. They will be displayed in the order of posting.

Be sure to read the group’s rules prior to listing a product to sell. Some teams are an ext restrictive 보다 others.

Similar to Craigslist, you cannot sell weapons with any of the facebook Yard sale groups.

Selling on facebook is free.

2. Offerup

As far as Craigslist options go, Offerup is fairly small. But, that still has a many product listings and also has become an ext popular freshly with 23 million application downloads. It was also awarded application of the Year through Geekwire.

Sellers and also visitors deserve to broadcast your listing on facebook as well.

Both buyers and sellers can receive ratings too. This can aid make the sales process feel an ext secure and keep scammers to a minimum.

To live as much as its namesake, Offerup allows you to accept the seller’s provided price or do your very own offer. You can also add listings to your watch perform if you room not all set to buy at once.

3. Swappa

Swappa help you buy and sell a wide variety of electronic items, such as:

cell phonescameraswatchesvideo gamestablets

And more. Lock even help you buy and sell clever home tools such together voice assistants, streaming devices and also thermostats. As a seller, girlfriend won’t pay any type of fees to market on Swappa.

Buyers salary a tiny fee once buying on Swappa, as Swappa helps assist with the sale to ensure all goes smoothly.

The fees is refundable (typically) if the buyer isn’t happy when they’ve received the product.

4. Recycler

If friend live in a large U.S. City, Recycler is another great option. Recycler started as a neighborhood classified newspaper in southerly California. It became a nationwide marketplace in 2010 and now boasts 18 million monthly users.

You deserve to use Recycler come buy or sell pets, discover houses come rent, and even sell used cars.

When you sell on Recycler, you can quickly post your listings to Facebook and also Twitter. To an increase your exposure top top Recycler, that also possible to usage paid ads come target details buyers or markets.

5. Oodle

Oodle has a slightly various take on help you to buy or market locally.

With various other sites, you only see listings that sellers post on that marketplace. Top top Oodle, some listings space posted straight to Oodle, but they likewise comb various other Craigslist alternatives to increase their listings.

As an example, you can see vehicles listed from Cars.com in addition to vehicles marketed by yes, really Oodle members.

Oodle can likewise be a good way come buy or market antiques together they will also list commodities from eBay for neighborhood pickup.

The website also allows sellers come advertise listings via Facebook.

Oodle has actually a wide array that categories including pets, personals and also services.

6. Bookoo

Bookoo (as in I saved a bookoo lot of money by utilizing Bookoo) is geared as a family-friendly Craigslist alternative. You deserve to list items to offer one in ~ a time or advertisement a garden sale.

There room Bookoo locations located all throughout the country. Numerous locations space in towns with army bases. This makes it simpler for army members come buy or market belongings with their most recent move.

To assist become more personal, Bookoo has sellers produce a profile that consists of a brief bio and picture. The profile also lists the species of items friend have noted in the past.

While this website is a tiny smaller 보다 the others at 2,355,912 existing members, it has simple to use platform because that buying or selling. It has live conversation support, and a society media feel that is likewise family-friendly.

7. Geebo

Geebo allows you come buy or offer merchandise, heavy equipment, vehicles, actual estate, and also services in 160 communities.

You can want to provide Geebo a try if girlfriend live in a major city choose L.A. Or Chicago. Geebo could likewise be a good choice if friend live in a mid-major city such as Virginia Beach, Tulsa or Cincinnati.

As a way to make buying and also selling much safer than other online divide sites, Geebo supplies “SafeTrade” transactions. A “SafeTrade” occurs as soon as buyers and sellers agree to meet at a local police department.

If you are doubtful to shot Craigslist since you don’t feeling safe meeting in just any type of public parking lot, Geebo can be a an excellent Craigslist alternative.

8. Hoobly

In comparison to the other Craigslist alternatives listed in this article, Hoobly probably has actually the virtually identical look and feel that Craigslist. You have the right to search because that just about anything top top this site.

In addition, there are product listings in Canada and also Europe.

You could have the most success with Hoobly by selling or to buy pet pets as there room arguably much more listings for this group than any of the other merchandise category listed. It is complimentary to write-up or shop top top Hoobly.

9. PennySaver USA

Maybe, ago in the day, you picked up a cost-free PennySaver newspaper indigenous the newspaper stands in ~ the street edge or grocery store. Now, they have actually moved online, and you can discover local deals by entering her zip code.

They quiet publish a published edition as well.

You can publish payment ads top top PennySaver together well. The is very much prefer the classified section you would uncover in your neighborhood newspaper.

10. Ads Globe

Ads world is an virtual newspaper classified ad service. V Ads Globe, you can short article unlimited ads for virtually any group including merchandise, autos, real estate, rentals, pets, and also travel.

It’s also possible to advertise your organization services or occasions with this Craigslist alternative.

11. ClassifiedAds.com

This site is entirely complimentary to use, and also you can buy or sell just around anything.

ClassifiedAds.com has a very basic layout and also is memory of the classified ads you would check out in a newspaper other than with images uploaded.

As with numerous Craigslist alternatives, friend will have actually the many success using ClassifiedAds.com if you live in a big city. Although, they do have boards for plenty of smaller regions throughout each state as well.

12. US totally free Ads

US totally free Ads has actually a very an easy layout storage of circa-2000 websites.

Unlike few of the various other sites that enable unlimited postings because that sellers, a free membership v US complimentary Ads will permit you to only list two assets at once.

If you space a frequent seller or want additional selling features, friend will must upgrade.

The yellow membership is $10 every year because that 25 ads in ~ once. Or friend can select the Premium membership, i beg your pardon is $9.99 per month for unlimited ads.

To to buy on US complimentary Ads, you only need a complimentary membership. Follow to US totally free Ads, your most well-known listings room dogs, horses, and also houses.

13. Locanto

This site supplies online classifieds in end 60 countries. Most huge U.S. Cities have actually a Locanto board. This site does accept paid ads from nationwide retailers so not every listing will be local.

You will probably have actually the ideal chances through Locanto if friend live in Los Angeles, Miami, or brand-new York. Those cities space their featured boards.

Posting your ad on a city board is free. But, you can pay extra to extend the advertising to added cities. Friend can likewise pay to eliminate third-party ads from her listing.

For second fee, you have the right to pay to send your ad to the top of a buyer’s find results.

14. USA now Classifieds

The USA Today is just one of the most widely circulated newspapers. That does a great job of presenting the latest news in a digestible format. They also have a classified ar for the print and online edition.

This option is most likely only best if you have actually a big-ticket item to sell because it will expense you come publish your listing. However, you have the right to get large exposure come prospective buyers.

15. Trovit

Trovit is a classified find engine and is right for buying. V Trovit, you have the right to search multiple virtual classified databases because that homes, cars, or jobs. The website is relatively well organized and easy come use.

Just choose your country first (Trovit operates around the world) and also then pick your subject. Friend can choose to see Homes, cars or work at the optimal of the page.

After that, you’ll be command to narrow your search to discover listings for her item close to you.

Note that no all areas have listings top top Trovit at this time. This fact could impact whether or not you uncover cars, residences or task close by her area the residence.

16. EBay

The vast bulk of eBay auctions and sales are yielded via mail. But, there are neighborhood pickup alternatives for item that are too big or bulky to delivery at a reasonable cost.

You might consider this alternative when searching for or offering antiques, flat display tv’s, and automobiles (eBay motors).

eBay can likewise be a good option if your assets don’t sell locally on Craigslist or one of these other sites. While it’s possible to sell practically anything ~ above a local classified site, there might be weak demand in her market.

For example, a winter parka or snowshoes will more than likely sell for a greater price in Alaska 보다 the Louisana bayou. One fence to eBay is the they carry out charge listing and also selling fees in many instances.

Those fees can reduced into your profit as you sell. However, friend could constantly raise your price a little bit to sheathe the cost of listing and selling fees top top eBay.

17. Mercari

Mercari is a selling application that provides it really basic to offer just about anything online. Once you offer through Mercari, you just sell shippable items, therefore there’s no in-person meetups.

Listings top top Mercari room free, but you’ll pay a 10 percent flat fee when your article sells.

Also, Mercari offers for you to print out a prepaid shipping label for when your article sells. That means you’ll want to take into account shipping expenses when pricing her items top top Mercari.

One interesting thing around Mercari is that as soon as someone buys her item, you must rate them utilizing the Mercari rating system. The buyer also has to rate you once they get your item.

This rating system have the right to be helpful in helping you select who friend do business with top top Mercari. And also it help Mercari certain that civilization who space doing business on the website are trustworthy.


Craigslist is a longstanding site that’s aided millions of civilization sell items lock no longer need or want. The simplicity of the site provides it attractive come use. The truth that it’s cost-free to list and also sell additionally helps to make Craigslist popular.

Craigslist’s long buying and also selling history and easy-to-use website make that popular amongst many buyers and also sellers. And, friend can find just about anything you could possibly desire on the site.

I’ve used the site dozens of times. I’ve sold (and offered away) item I simply needed to it is in gone. And I’ve purchased items because that my home.

For example, I when bought a large extension ladder because that $75. The guy was downsizing indigenous a single-family home into a townhome. The ladder to be in great shape, and also a brand-new one would certainly have price me around $300.

If you’re ready to type through the not-so-good deals, friend can discover some jewel on the site. And possibly simply when you require them.

There Are various other Choices

However, for many reasons, Craigslist isn’t right for everyone. It could be a non-option as result of security concerns, or simply because your item isn’t marketing there.

Luckily, friend have alternatives to Craigslist the can help you market your items and also make some cash.

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Depending on wherein you live, some Craigslist choices will it is in a better option than the others. Just time and also experience will help you discover which alternate sites are finest for your area.

The next time friend are all set to buy or sell in your ar online, offer one of this a try. You can be surprised in ~ the results.