You’re looking to buy a supplied car and also made the decision that Craigslist is the best purchase alternative for you. Yet you additionally might be wondering how to buy a used auto on Craigslist at the very same time. Listed below we’ll sheathe the basics of buying a used car on Craigslist, exactly how to point out a scam on Craigslist, tips on just how to safe buy a used car on Craigslist, and also more. Buckle up as we tackle the used auto scene ~ above Craigslist.

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Buying Cars native a Dealer vs a exclusive Seller – exactly how to purchase a Used vehicle on Craigslist

If you space shopping for a used auto you’ve more than likely been looking on sites favor,, and These are an excellent resources to discover a used car to buy native both a personal party and also from dealers. If you room wanting come buy native a personal party over a dealer climate Craigslist could be the method to go as the listings over there are primarily private parties. But what is the difference in between buying from a dealer versus a exclusive party? It all boils down to ease and also history.

Reputation – that to Trust

Reputation is whatever in the automotive industry. If a dealer is well-known for high prices, marketing junkers, lying around car history, and low customer business then there won’t it is in a lot of of world willing to buy from them. They’ll have actually damaged their reputation to a suggest where they may not be able to recover indigenous it. Exclusive parties don’t have the same concern. They’re not a full-time vehicle salesperson, lock don’t need to maintain superb reputation. Certified dealer are more likely to go out of their means to solve difficulties for friend that may arise after your purchase, when your private seller will certainly most likely do their best to protect against you.

Vehicle history – who Knows the Best?

When it pertains to vehicle history a dealer can come up a small short in the department. The seller likely knows the ins and also outs the the automobile giving lock an edge up on dealers who go v thousands of offered cars per year. Sites favor Carfax and also AutoCheck carry out some history on a automobile but the exclusive seller can give you even more information around how the automobile drives and whatnot. In ~ the end of the day, you are will need to decide how much you trust the seller, yet a Carfax report will at least obtain you started.

Financing – her Buying Options

There space some significant differences in between financing a supplied car and financing a new car. Attention rates deserve to be greater and some banks or credit transaction unions might not even finance vehicles past a certain age or mileage.

Additionally, over there is one major factor that could hamper gaue won a used vehicle from a private seller; some financial institutions or credit unions i will not ~ finance a car that is bought from a exclusive party. Financial institutions are much an ext suspicious 보다 you or I. They worry that the seller won’t sufficiently explain the vehicle’s condition. The car could have actually a serious trouble that no disclosed and then you, buyer, might walk far from the loan, leave the bank with a worthless car. Also, banks worry around the potential because that fraud with private sellers, which way they will only address trustworthy dealers.

Price – personal Party is the means to Go

To acquire the best feasible deal top top a supplied car, go with a personal party seller. A dealer has actually a price allude to do a benefit on each automobile they sell and also they aren’t usually all that functional in the price. A personal seller doesn’t have the exact same restrictions. Personal sellers are usually make the efforts to sell their old car to to buy a new one, and also that method they are much more open to negotiating simply so they have the right to sell the automobile quicker. It every boils down to how quick they desire to gain out that their existing car and also into their brand-new car.

Dealer vs private – that Wins?

In the end, it every boils down to trust. There are pluses and minuses come buying indigenous both a dealer and also a personal party. If you carry out your homework then you must be great to go.Next, we acquire into the procedure as it concerns buying a car via Craigslist.

What come do before You Shop – exactly how to to buy a Used auto on Craigslist


The very first thing you have to do once you space looking to buy a auto is to figure out her budget. Your budget is everything, it helps carry out realistic guides in regards to price and also total monthly costs. If you have a $500 monthly budget plan for not only your car but likewise gas, insurance, etc. Then the dollars you have the right to spend on the auto itself is much reduced than the $500 you started with.

Learn much more about setting a spending plan in our blog post: just how Much should I invest on a offered Car?


Scams room something you may have actually to address when to buy a used car on Craigslist. Right here are some red flags and tips to help you stop scams if buying a car:

Common Red FlagsIf the price of a used automobile on Craigslist is too an excellent to it is in true, then it most likely is. Prices below market price are regularly the bait to gain you come make contact so the fraudsters can start make the efforts to market you top top a car that might not even exist.To to buy it vision unseen is another huge red flag the is normally tied right into the listed below market value red flag. The rare or exotic automobile you found on Craigslist the is thousands listed below what it usually goes for is suddenly in a different state. They’ll ask girlfriend to wire them the money to acquisition the vehicle so they deserve to ship it come you. Then, magically, when you wire the money the seller and also the listing suddenly disappear.If the seller is wanting to usage an escrow business to purchase the vehicle it might seem legit but be warry. They deserve to attempt come trick girlfriend to usage a fake escrow service, ask girlfriend to transfer the money before shipping the car, and also then break the contract as soon as the funds have actually cleared.Tips to avoid Scams

It walk without saying that together the the person who lives you space the target because that scam artists. Right here are a few tips to save you and your money safe.

Always have the car inspected by a mechanic you trust or in ~ a respected location. Even cite to the service center the you room considering purchase the car and also you want to do sure everything looks good.Online marketplaces don’t guarantee sales. Craigslist, in addition to eBay and other online marketplaces, never guarantees sales and also they don’t ensure that the seller is legit. Walk far if the human being selling the vehicle tries to to convince you otherwise.Check because that liens. A lien on a automobile gives the financial institution or credit union to claim the automobile if the loan is unpaid. The doesn’t matter if girlfriend bought it from someone, they technically very own the vehicle so lock can come to get it whether it is your driveway or yours.Vehicle background check. A vehicle history report can price you a little bit of money however it deserve to save girlfriend A most money if the auto ends up gift a lemon. Always do a check, friend don’t want to buy a automobile only to it is in driving around and have it simply randomly stop on you.

Time to Buy – how to buy a Used vehicle on Craigslist

Now we acquire to the exactly how of buying a vehicle on Craigslist.

First Contact

You’ve uncovered the vehicle you space looking come buy. You’ve confirm the listing for red flags. Now it’s time to make contact. Call first. We know, texting is the common type of interaction nowadays however calling will allow you to put a voice behind the name. It also permits you to ask the big questions best away instead of waiting to hear ago via text. Ask for business records to be sent out to you, and also the auto Identification Number (VIN) to operation a vehicle background report, etc. This is your opportunity to answer preliminary questions prior to you take an hour or much more to drive throughout town to check out the car.

Meet & Greet

It used to be that the the person who lives was responsible to accomplish the seller at the wanted location. However, the traditional has changed to satisfy at an agreed-upon place, normally at the mid-point because that both of you. The finest course of activity is to fulfill in a public ar with a an excellent amount of foot traffic, preferably one that may have security cameras top top site.Never have cash on you and if you can, carry a friend. If you space needing to do the transaction appropriate away after ~ the test journey then satisfy at a bank so you deserve to have the bank cut you a cashier’s check.

The check Drive

You always want to obtain behind the wheel after giving the car a as soon as or twice or thrice over. Throughout the test journey make certain that you room comfortable driving it. Also, store an eye (or ear) the end for any mechanical concerns you can feel or monster noises if driving.For more of a failure on what come look for throughout the test journey visit our blog: What come Look for as soon as Test control a supplied Car

Inspect because that the Unexpected

You’ve thoroughly inspected the automobile inside and out, and also gone ~ above a check drive. It’s time to acquire the auto checked the end by a mechanic. The preferred technique is to take the vehicle to a mechanic you know and trust. But any type of reputable service center will certainly be a safe bet.. You have the right to visit any Dick Hannah Dealerships’ business location to aid you identify any type of problems the automobile might have.

Make Sure every little thing is Legit

This goes earlier to the red flags and avoid scammers topics that we talked around earlier in the post. Always be overly mindful than simply rushing right into buying the auto without correctly checking that out.

Check come make sure there aren’t any liens on the car.Time to Buy

You’ve inspected the auto inside and also out, taken that on a test drive, and had a mechanic inspect it; now it’s time come buy. Don’t carry cash through you to the final meet-up. Call the seller the you want to meet them at a bank to manage the transaction. Banks are overly cautious; they’ll have actually to bring a clean and also legible title that is in your name. To add you’ll be able to give castle cash appropriate at the counter. That is a legit and safe means to buy a car. Simply make sure they hand girlfriend the secrets as girlfriend hand lock the cash.

One critical Tip

Listen to her gut. If for everything reason the transaction just seems turn off to you there is most likely a great reason behind it. Don’t force yourself to buy noþeles just because it is available. There space plenty more cars and also deals the will show up top top Craigslist. Take your time and find a seller that you feeling you have the right to trust.

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Finally – just how to buy a Used vehicle on Craigslist

Craigslist is a good resource to find a used auto for sale if you go the exclusive party route. Purchase a automobile via Craigslist have the right to seem difficult at times. Use the resources accessible to friend (the bank, KBB, your gut, etc.) and you shouldn’t have a problem.