Craigslist is one of the world"s most renowned job boards, with millions of jobs posted each year throughout hundreds of different cities. The is most famous in the unified States and Canada and also leans towards blue-collar and also less an elderly office roles.

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The U.S.-based platform launched its web-based business in 1996 and also quickly expanded beyond national borders, extending 70 countries and an ext than 700 urban by 2012. When Craigslist still allows for cost-free postings in some countries, it does not feature a cost-free posting alternative in the U.S., v pricing differing by location.


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Craigslist is a renowned online classified advertisement website that attracts huge volumes that traffic. The platform features city and region-specific sites where individuals can write-up a selection of ads, including job listings, to reach a local audience. While Craigslist does no offer free postings in the U.S., that is pricing is an extremely competitive.

Despite many an unfavorable reviews, the site remains one of the most famous online classifieds platforms and also is an excellent for advertising local and freelance jobs. However, if you"re looking to fill positions that require devoted skills and qualifications, dedicated career platforms favor LinkedIn and also Indeed are far better options.


The website is straightforward to use.Craigslist is good for proclaiming blue-collar jobs.Users can target audiences by location.The communication is well-known and receives big volumes that website website traffic in the U.S.


There is no cost-free posting alternative in the U.S.Craigslist is no BBB accredited.In reviews, number of U.S. Users report coming throughout suspicious posts and also receiving dubious or nonserious responses to ads post on the platform.


Craigslist is not accredited by the better Business Bureau and also has been provided an F rating. Many of the reviews on the BBB website are negative, offering it an typical customer rating the 1.17 the end of five stars. Themes overcoming the negative reviews incorporate complaints about suspicious user activity and dissatisfaction v customer support.

These an adverse points space echoed by reviewers on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, wherein Craigslist has a rating of 1.4 and also 3.5 out of 5 stars, respectively. If Quora users likewise report coming across nonserious and suspicious user activity on Craigslist, the website is still pertained to as a popular and easy-to-use platform for regional classifieds.

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Craigslist project Posting and also Recruiting Tips:

Use a certain job title.Prominently state your agency name.Check her spelling and grammar.Clearly state the job skills, duties, and requirements.Don"t usage vague or share wording.Remove non-essential responsibilities and qualifications.Send every candidates a collection of screening questions.Check communication skills by having actually them answer inquiries via voicemail.

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