There are numerous places to article a project listing this days, however one the the most-commonly searched sites overall is Craigslist. But can this website that’s provided for whatever from marketing furniture to giving apartment sublets it is in a successful technique for hiring? depending upon the job, it just may be! Learn just how to exploit the reach of Craigslist to acquire your place filled quickly.

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And remember: The right ATS have the right to make tasks like this a piece of cake. Our free guide walks with what attributes to look because that in one ATS.


Steps come Posting a project to Craigslist

Before you article a job on the site, you require to set up a Craigslist account. Setting up an account provides you a way to pay because that U.S. Job ads and lets you review or update posts. Account are totally free and have the right to be produced with her email deal with and a password.

Once your account is approved, you eligible for a payment account. This additionally must be approved by Craigslist, which deserve to take up to a week. The great thing, however, is the it offers a way to keep your payment info to do buying listings easier.

Once you have actually an account, monitor these straightforward steps come list your job:

Choose the place of the job you want to share.On the place page, click the “post come classifieds” link.Choose “Job offered” from the obtainable selections.Pick a classification that matches the project description.Fill out the fields for the position, including the project title, location, and job description, in addition to any appropriate requirements, benefits, or details that will make the job amazing to applicants. Friend can likewise use ours job description tips or consider one the our countless templates come make her listing much more attractive.If you use recruiting software to track applicants, you’ll use the software’s directions for filling in the call email. Otherwise, you deserve to use your actual email address. If you space worried around spam, girlfriend can pick to use the Craigslist mail relay system, which will course messages through a third-party mechanism to defend your real call details.Now that time to review your project posting. If whatever looks good, you can pay for the task posting and click the last submit button to publish.

Wait approximately an hour for her job short article to show up in the listings. Be sure to frequently examine the email deal with that you offered in the listing for any kind of job applicant communications. Friend can also work through your applicant tracking mechanism (ATS) to answer to and also follow up with relevant applications.

Additional project Posting Tips

Getting the ideal applicants is the goal of any type of job posting. To make your Craigslist listing stand out, take into consideration these tips:

List the minimum needs you suppose of applicants.Include second simple ask in the description, such together answering a specific question in your email. This helps show that they deserve to follow directions.Craigslist may generate a the majority of low-quality applicants, however this is typical. Don’t feel you should reply come every task applicant in a personal communication. Usage your ATS to assist you get through the emails and respond appropriately.

If you find that friend are obtaining too numerous low-quality applicants, it might be the your project is not well-suited because that Craigslist. You should then consider one more platform, choose Facebook or LinkedIn, or job boards.


Lastly. A New means of Recruiting – LinkedIn Party

Another an excellent way to let others recognize you’re hiring is by hosting a LinkedIn Party. The ide is simple: Invite employee to a gathering of some sort. It have the right to be as basic or sophisticated as her timing, resources, and budget allow. Yet at a minimum, take into consideration offering drinks and also snacks.

During the gathering, every attendee indications onto LinkedIn and also contacts friends, acquaintances, and former coworkers that might be appropriate candidates for your open up positions.

This party help spur a focused effort that sourcing — and also it offers a fun environment for employee to spend time together. Pro tip: Consider providing a compensation to the employee that reaches out to the most human being during the party.


Do friend have additional concerns about posting top top Craigslist? Be certain to examine out these commonly asked questions:

What is the Difference between Paid and cost-free Craigslist task Posts?

Currently, most all cities and states in ~ the U.S. Charge a fee to article a project listing. It’s no generally feasible to article a free job listing uneven you space posting a project to pick locations external of the joined States. If you desire to advertise a task on the site, mean to pay.

Can You short article Jobs for cost-free on Craigslist?

There is no way to write-up a task within the continental U.S., consisting of Hawaii and also Alaska, for free on Craigslist. Some places external of the country still offer totally free listings. To watch if your preferred location is one the offers totally free options, you’ll need to collection up an account and also start developing a task listing. You’ll be triggered with a cost prior to placing her ad. 

How does the Craigslist job Posting dues Work?

The price for a task posting ranges, depending on the area you room targeting. This fee varieties from $10 come $75. This is a level fee the covers your listing, nevertheless of exactly how it performs. You carry out not pay extra because that high-performing ads, because that example.

Does Craigslist charge for project Postings include Tax?

The listing fees covering everything, and additional tax isn’t assessed for many locations. If over there is a tax added, it will be by location. Also, you will do it know around the tax before paying for her listing.

What does the price to article on Craigslist Include?

The $10 come $75 fees covers the expense to write-up to the site, but nothing additional. You’ll have to manage replies to the job and also keep monitor of the data and metrics you monitor from it.

What cities Does Craigslist charge for job Postings?

All U.S. Cities have a fee, but it arrays by location. Mean to pay near the low end of the variety for less competitive cities, and more for those cities where there is high demand such as mountain Francisco, Calif. The price is currently $10 come $75 every listing.

How plenty of Craigslist posts Can girlfriend Make?

Craigslist usually encourages posters to do no an ext than one listing per city every 48 hours, but there might be extr restrictions. If they watch spammy-looking articles or too many similar posts in the exact same city at the exact same time, they could block or suspend posts. Make sure your short articles are uniquely worded, and follow the rule to save your posts obtainable to job-seekers.

How long Does a Craigslist task Posting Last?

Your payment listing can show up for 30 days, contrasted to the 45-day listing period for totally free ads. The Craigslist terms of service don’t allow complimentary job listings, however, so setup on her listing appearing for the 30-day limit.

How perform I write-up a project Opening top top Craigslist in various other Countries?

Posting come other nations is as easy as posting domestically. Just go come the site for the nation you great to post to at This most most likely will it is in free, yet be sure your task is something that have the right to be done in the nation you are proclaiming in or is suitable for who who deserve to do the work-related remotely.

How perform I post a project on Craigslist because that Executive-level Roles?

Take a look at the jobs that are frequently posted on the site. You will do it probably notification that they room not generally geared toward executive-level professionals. The doesn’t median you can’t write-up here, but your applicant pool can be limited. There are far better options, such as posting a job on LinkedIn.

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How perform You write-up a project on Craigslist if Yours was “Ghosted”?

If you go with the procedure of posting a job, but you don’t see it live, it could be that your article was “ghosted.” This term method that Craigslist has actually flagged that for further review, and also it could take some time because that it come clear. In the meantime, check your short article to be sure that that clear and also honest.

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