Vaginal discharge changes throughout the menstrual cycle, and also discharge is frequently white simply before and after a period.

Healthy discharge can variety in color and also texture. White discharge, known medically together leukorrhea, is normal and typically occurs in the second half of the term cycle.

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However, if white discharge accompanies a foul odor, itching, or burning, this could indicate one infection. This can be a sexually transmitted epidemic (STI).

Below, we check out the relationship between menstruation and white discharge. We additionally question whether over there is a attach with pregnancy, study other causes of white discharge, and also advise about when to see a doctor.

White discharge and also a period

Share top top PinterestThe color and also texture of healthy discharge can vary greatly.
Vaginal discharge includes dead cells and bacteria, and also the process of discharge helps store the vagina clean and also healthy.

The amount and appearance of discharge naturally transforms throughout the menstrual cycle.

This cycle has actually several stages, though the plenty of changes associated often overlap or take place at the very same time.The lining of the uterus thickens, in an answer to transforms in hormones, and the body prepares in other ways for a potential pregnancy. Halfway with the cycle, one ovary publication an egg. Ultimately, if the person does not come to be pregnant, the lining of the uterus sheds, along with the egg: the person has a period.

Discharge may readjust to become:

White: This generally occurs at the beginning and also end that the cycle.Clear and watery: Discharge the is clear and also watery wake up throughout the cycle and also may it is in heaviest throughout exercise.Clear and also stretchy: This usually indicates the the human is fertile.Brownish: This often occurs after ~ the term cycle, together the body gets rid of away any kind of remaining blood.Greenish or yellowish: Green or yellow discharge, an especially if it has an odor, may suggest an infection.

Age and some health problems can adjust the lot of discharge that a person has.

For example, reduce in estrogen can cause a human being to have actually less discharge. Determinants that have the right to reduce the amounts of estrogen in the body and also vaginal discharge include:

excessive exercisesome hormone therapiesradiation treatment near the pelvisthe remove of the ovaries
Other causes of white discharge

White discharge deserve to be a authorize of an infection once it occurs with specific symptoms. Some typical infections that might be responsible include:

Yeast infection

This deserve to cause:

itching or irritation approximately the vaginathick, white discharge with a texture similar to head cheesepain when urinating pain during sex

Bacterial vaginosis

Sometimes recognized as BV, this infection have the right to cause:

grayish-white dischargethin, watery dischargea fishy odor


This usual STI have the right to cause:

yellow, green, or frothy dischargean unpleasant odoritching approximately the vaginapain as soon as urinating

White discharge is frequently not a reason for concern.

However, if any of the following likewise occur, it is a great idea to call a doctor:

a poor odoritchiness unusually special or slim dischargedischarge that is greenish or yellowishany unusual transforms in the amount of dischargeswelling that the vaginaa burn sensation roughly the vaginavaginal pain, probably while urinating or throughout sex

A doctor can examine the discharge and also otherwise check for indications of infection. If an infection is present, they deserve to recommend a food of treatment.

A person may not be maybe to change the color or lot of healthy discharge, but it is often feasible to avoid an infection. To mitigate the danger of obtaining a yeast infection:

Do no douche or usage scented products, such together tampons.Change tampons and pads frequently.Avoid tight underwear and pants.Opt for underwear with a noodle crotch.Change the end of wet swimsuits and sweaty workout clothes right away.Wipe native front come back.For world with diabetes, maintaining blood sugar regulate can additionally help.

To avoid an STI, a person have the right to use obstacle protection, such as condoms and dental dams throughout every sexual encounter. Also, it can help to have vaccinations versus HPV and hepatitis B.

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To minimize the risk of bacter vaginosis, prevent harsh soaps, and also consider utilizing only warmth water to clean the vagina. Perform not douche.