A gigantic crane sits on the roadbed of the Tappan Zee leg north of new York City after toppling roughly noon top top Tuesday, during construction of a brand-new bridge. David Leibstein/AP hide caption

A large crane sit on the roadbed that the Tappan Zee leg north of new York City after toppling approximately noon ~ above Tuesday, during building of a brand-new bridge.

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David Leibstein/AP

A crane broke down on the Tappan Zee leg in new York top top Tuesday, injuring two workers and also three motorists — however not hitting any cars.

The crane was functioning on the new, instead of bridge, i beg your pardon is under construction, as soon as the eight of the crane came crashing under on the old, at this time used bridge.

The injured vehicle drivers were hurt as vehicles swerved and also quickly braked to prevent the crane and debris, The linked Press reports.

The reason of the crane fail is right now under investigation, brand-new York Gov. Andrew Cuomo claimed at a news conference Tuesday afternoon.

The bridge, which crosses the Hudson River, is vital crossing allude and carries much more than 130,000 vehicles a day, according to the brand-new York State Thruway Authority. The existing bridge is more than a half-century old.

Crane collapses onto brand-new York's Tappan Zee Bridge, every lanes blocked » https://t.co/YgnivCLilX pic.twitter.com/62Cyl8T4pG

— CNBC currently (
CNBCnow) July 19, 2016

Cuomo claimed the bridge would be closed until investigators have the right to verify the it did no suffer any type of structural damages in the accident.

"Until that structural investigate is done, we are not comfortable — i am no comfortable — reopening the bridge," the said. "It"s a really old leg that has been pieced together for a really long time. That should have actually been replaced decades ago."

<Update at 5:45 p.m: Northbound lanes top top the bridge have actually been reopened because that traffic, however the southbound lanes stay closed.>

The crane that broke down was a brand-new crane, working on a routine task, Cuomo said.

Terry Towle, the chairman of Tappan Zee Constructors, stated they will be looking right into whether the collapse was because of the crane, the vibratory hammer it was holding up or operating error.

"Sometimes tools breaks and also sometimes crashes just happen," Cuomo said. "We"ll know an ext after the investigation."

The AP has an ext on the crash:

"The base and treads the the large, movable crane sat on the unfinished new bridge, which crosses the river between Westchester and Rockland counties. Officials didn"t automatically give the size of the broke down crane, but component of the broken arm lay throughout the whole 90-foot, seven-lane width of the old bridge, which operation parallel to the brand-new one. An additional section lay throughout a building and construction platform in the water in between the two spans.

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"After the crash, several boats carrying emergency workers maneuvered in the river approximately the fell down crane arm, while various other workers showed up to be scanning the water approximately the wreck."

The wire business notes that civilization who were unharmed by the crash were left stranded ~ above the bridge, trapped through the resulting website traffic snarl.

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