Posted: Jul 2, 2021 / 09:27 to be EDT / Updated: Jul 2, 2021 / 11:04 afternoon EDT

ASTORIA, majesties — Firefighters rushed to the scene after a building and construction crane fell over ~ above a structure in kings on Friday morning, follow to authorities.

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Calls came in around 8:30 a.m. Because that a crane leaning versus a building at 35-01 36th Ave. Between 35th and 36th roads in Astoria, follow to the FDNY.

Artie Piccininni, a adjacent resident, claimed he heard 2 bangs i beg your pardon sounded choose an explosion. His entirety house shook, for this reason he ran out to check out what happened and wasn’t surprised at the sight.

“The last pair of work I’ve checked out these males picking increase steel and also the truck to be rocking,” Piccininni said. “This week ns was telling people on the street walk on this side. The man was lifting prefer three I-beams in ~ a time. Crazy.”

No injuries had actually been reported, follow to authorities.

Construction employees on the scene told News it was a brand-new apartment building under construction.

FDNY cook Carmine Calderaro stated they had members ~ above the rooftops of nearby buildings.

“We had a tower ladder bucket up,” Calderaro said. “We had actually an aerial view of all sides and also we’re quite confident us did our due diligence come make certain nobody remained in the building.”

A worker stated the crane was loading steel beams right into place once apparently the load became too heavy. The worker within the van was not hurt.

Crane toppled over onto a building site on the corner of 35th Street & 36th path in Astoria, Queens. Every wheels of the carrier room lifted off the ground. The FDNY is top top standby with a clock line. No injuries reported.

— Michelle Ross (
MRossNews) July 2, 2021

The FDNY claimed units were operating at the scene, which was still energetic around 9:20 a.m.

The building is a brand-new nine-story structure project, i m sorry is right now constructed up to the 2nd and third floor, the room of buildings said.

DOB inspectors found that the end of the boom made call with a commercial building directly behind the building site, leading to minor damage to the roof.

The contractors have carried in a understand rigger and two recovery cranes to the scene, to safely upright the eight truck and also remove that from the scene, follow to the DOB.

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The structure had numerous violations and also complaints, consisting of one open complaint, according to the department of buildings website.