ASTORIA, emperors (WABC) -- A crane at a Queens building and construction site toppled onto its next Friday, leaning against and forcing the evacuation the an nearby building.

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It happened around 9 a.m. On 36th avenue in Astoria.
The department of structures says the commercial boom truck to be at a brand-new building under building and construction at the time.ALSO check out | trumped Organization, CFO Allen Weisselberg plead no guilty to taxation fraud charges

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There to be no injuries reported, including the crane operator, however the structure was evacuated together a precaution.The eight was prolonged at the time, and also it crashed into offices behind the building and construction site.
"I was functioning in my office ago here, sit at my desk...and every the sudden, i heard "Boom,"" claimed David Konsker, that Konsker electric Corp. "Got increase from the desk, and I experienced some debris fall from mine ceiling. Go around, looked up, saw a crane top top the roof."The ceiling was cracked open, and debris was all over -- even scattered across his secretary"s desk"Thank God she wasn"t here today," the said.Otto Brunet heard the crash and came running."I heard a loud bang, came over, came further up the block, and also I observed this point laying on the side," the said.

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The operator controlled to escape his wrong cab, and also the employees inside the site were not injured.Investigators native the city room of buildings joined federal OSHA agents to identify the reason of the accident, wherein workers are structure a nine-story mixed-use advertising tower.As larger cranes were brought in to clear the toppled crane, workers at an industrial laundry next door struggled to take care of the backlog after ~ being required to evacuate.ALSO review | man with Alzheimer"s forgot he to be married, fell in love through his wife almost everywhere again

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Craig levying is the co-owner that Red lid Valet, which handles laundry for countless of new York"s 5 star hotels."Business has actually been suspended nearly all day, and also I got clients that room waiting on their garments," the said. "We"ve to be evacuating the structure on and off, and also we"re walk to have to step outside again. And also the biggest problem is that clients that room waiting top top they"re garments. We"re doing the best we deserve to to organization them, but I certain hope the this will certainly go far quickly."
The preliminary investigation at the scene established that the boom truck to be attempting to set up a shaft at the rear of the site, as soon as the van tipped over and also leaned against the sidewalk shed and also under building and construction building.The cause of this event remains under investigation.----------* more Queens news
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