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The Pima ar Sheriff"s Department and also The nationwide Transportation safety and security Board (NTSB) space investigating the circumstances about a downed aircraft, which was last viewed southeast the Kitt Peak, Arizona on Sunday.

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Tucson Police Air said in a tweet that they helped local air website traffic controllers find for an date aircraft, which was last watched southeast that Kitt Peak. They stated they situated the downed aircraft, landing to search for survivors and also found none, together reported by ABC15 on Sunday.

The police force didn"t release any details ~ above the place of the downed plane, yet local news resource Whats up Tucson claimed on Twitter that the crash was close to Arivaca Lake, south east of Arivaca, Arizona.

There were no details on just how many world were in the airplane or what kind of airplane it was.

An investigation is ongoing.

Read more has contacted the Pima ar Sheriff"s Department and NTSB because that comment.

Plane crashes in Arizona room frequent. ~ above October 2, a helicopter and also a single-engine aircraft collided in midair close to Chandler, a suburban Phoenix airport, sending out the helicopter crashing into the field and also killing both human being on board. The plane landed safely, and the trip instructor and also student inside were no hurt.

The helicopter was operated through Quantum Helicopters and also the aircraft by trip Operations Academy, both flight schools, Chandler police said.

On September 22, a single-engine airplane crashed in north Arizona, death the pilot and injuring the only passenger. A dog ~ above board also ended up surviving.

Coconino county Sheriff"s officials got a contact that evening from page Airport saying that a aircraft originating from mountain Martin, California, had crashed when on the approach. Page is located 242 miles north that Phoenix, simply south of the Arizona-Utah border.

Authorities established the pilot as Jim Petersen and passenger as Uta Petersen, who was airlifted to a Utah hospital for therapy while Jim Petersen"s body was transported come the Coconino County clinical Examiner"s Office.

In July, two veteran firefighters died in a plane crash while surveying a wildfire close to the small town that Wikieup. Serious weather is thought to have played a role in the deadly accident. The world in the plane—fire pilot Matt Miller, 48, and air tactical team supervisor Jeff Piechura, 62—were both knowledgeable firefighters. Miller had actually spent about 20 years working together a pilot and also Piechura had considerable career in both federal and state fire services.

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In April, one Orange County couple with a household in Vista were eliminated on a little plane that crashed right into a woodland near the Williams Airport, west of Flagstaff.


A stock photograph of a aircraft crash. A airplane crashed in southerly Arizona top top Sunday and also no survivors were found, as of time that writing.Demiroren News firm DHA / AFP/Getty