Why Crave?

Hot dog are 2nd to hamburgers as the most popular food in the U.S. American consume over 20 billion hot dogs each year. 20 Billion! it is 50 hot dogs consumed per human every year.

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Hot dog franchise owners generally report never experiencing sluggish hot dog sales simply because everybody loves warm dogs!

Did girlfriend know…

The Centers for condition Control (CDC) reports that practically 40 percent of American adults eat warm dogs and also French fries EVERYDAY!

Who doesn’t love a deliciously grilled hot dog, right? #perfection
Crave is now searching for franchise partners throughout the U.S. And Internationally. If you desire to own your own business, encourage creativity and also still have time for her family, Crave might be the chance you’ve been waiting for.

At Crave us offer:

Real legacy assistanceTraining programsMarketing assistanceOperational supportSystems in placeOngoing training.

Yes! We constantly welcome multi unit franchisees. Stores two and three space discounted by $5,000. Stores 4 and much more are discounted $10,000.

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We additionally encourage existing owner to look into our food trucks and also trailers. Lock can carry the service to their town, in enhancement to the city coming to them!

We also offer a veterans discount, as a Veteran owned company we always take care of our brothers and also sister!

You, and also Crave that company must provide your location. We will have our real estate partners aid you in obtaining the suitable analytics and data to assist with the decision. They will existing multiple places in your desired area and also we will all work-related together in your decision making process. Our real estate partners will also assist in lease negotiations. 

Of course! There will certainly be many training process for you and your employees. There will be early franchisee training, whereby you will find out the an extremely basics and the back end the the operations and also reporting. You will also receive staff training before opening. Continuous training is also part of ours routine. Us are here for YOU!

We are an SBA authorized franchise. We occupational with many SBA lenders, banks and also brokers. We additionally have funding options easily accessible for our food truck and also kiosk models too!


Crave is a Veteran friendly Franchise!

In fact, end 90% of ours Franchisees room Veterans or active duty service members.

Book a Truck!

We have actually rolled out our food trucks nationwide. Our food trucks bring the food to YOU! If your interested in owning among these beauties please email