It might not last long but roller coaster rides have the tendency to do every second count. And also with each passing year and innovation in an innovation that comes with it, these rides have become more thrill-seeking, bolder in your loops and dips, v some the dangle riders upside down or spray them v mist because that an added twist. We have a list of five roller coasters that are the scariest and the most impressive.

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Takabisha, Fuji-Q Highland, JapanThe biggest attract to this large thrill-inducing journey is the beautiful see of mountain Fuji on a clean day. That is if you have the wits around you come actually notice the landmark, as Takabisha take away its substantial drop. The falling edge of 121 levels is unique and has a world record making people feel as if they will fall out of your seats. The finest (or worst) bit? the is a single-vehicle coaster, so that doesn’t matter where you sit.


Yukon Striker, Canada"s Wonderland, Canada

One the the world’s fastest roller coaster and the longest dive coaster, Yukon Striker has a 360-degree flip, four inversions and also a 75-metre drop. This steep drop holds for 3 seconds providing panoramic views of the park and then goes directly into an underground tunnel the is surrounded by water. The floorless seating provides for an exciting touch, make the autumn scarier.

Time Traveler, silver Dollar City, USA

The Time Traveller, a rotate masterpiece, defies heaviness wonderfully. The ride functions three inversions consisting of a upright loop and two launches because that maximum speed. The 100-feet tall ride zooms and also spins for the an extremely best adrenaline rush, mimicking a plunge v mountains.

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Formula Rosa, Ferrari World, Dubai

One cannot walk to Dubai without a visit come Ferrari World and a visit to Ferrari civilization isn’t effective without a tryst through Formula Rosa. As the fastest roller coaster in the world, this journey is capable of going indigenous zero to 240 km/h in less than five seconds. V goggles strapped on, the riders go as much as 52 metres in height. A champion of all rides.


Kingda Ka, 6 Flags, new Jersey, USA

If the is the biggest adventure that you seek, Kingda Ka is appropriate up your alley. The king in the truest that fashion, this U-shaped coaster scale the 90-degree elevation with impressive speed, prior to plummeting under to 139 metres. There is a 129-foot camel hump and a 270-degree spiral to gain you going. We are up for the challenge, are you?