US airlines will certainly no longer be compelled to carry emotional support pets after passenger insisted on happen on board your horses, pigs, peacocks and turkeys for psychological reasons.

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Wednesday's rule adjust by the us Department of Transportation currently says only dogs qualified as service animals.

The company said unusual pets on flights had actually "eroded the public trust in legitimate service animals".

The brand-new rule defines service dogs as "individually trained come do work-related or perform tasks for the advantage of a person with a disability", and says other animals should be cure by airlines as pets that deserve to be inserted in the cargo organize for a fee.

Previously, the federal government had no law regarding emotional assistance animals, which effectively required airlines to accommodate them together service animals despite complaints from passengers. Unlike pets, castle were enabled to travel for cost-free under the law well-known as the air Carrier accessibility Act.

The review procedure drew around 15,000 public comment to the transport department, the firm said.



Trade group Airlines because that America approximates that the number of emotional support pets on advertising flights jumped indigenous 481,000 in 2016 to 751,000 in 2017.

"The department of Transportation's final dominion will defend the travelling public and airline crewmembers native untrained animals in the cabin, and also improve waiting travel accessibility for passengers with disabilities that travel with trained company dogs," airline for America chairman Nicholas E Calio stated in a statement.

Unlike service animals, emotional support pets are not forced to have been trained to execute a certain task. There have actually been several cases of unruly animals causing injuries to passengers and flights crews. Few of those incidents have led come lawsuits.

The ruling specifically says that a dog's breed must not it is in a element in an airline's necessity to accommodate the service animal. Delta Airlines right now has a policy in place that forbids "pitbull-type dogs" that may be required to readjust under the brand-new government policy.

The decision was quickly applauded by airline industries, which have been trying for years to adjust the rule, and also airline employee unions.

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"The work of Noah's Ark in the air room hopefully comes to one end," association of flight Attendants president Sara Nelson called USA this day on Wednesday.