YouTubehouses a near-endless supply of insane clips, consisting of those aboutChristmas highs andlows,TV gaffes, clueless gamers, and also corporate edu-tainment. Sometimes the much more random jewel seem too an excellent to it is in true -- for this reason unbelievable, therefore shocking, so dumb they do you utter noises you"re soon embarrassed to have actually made. The videos listed below fit the bill. Brace yourself.

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Near the end of 2015, one arachnophobein center Line, Michigan make the efforts to kill a spider v a lighter. The problem: This Zoolander-esquestory taken place at a gas station.What"s so unbelievable about this?:No one was hurt, not even the car.


Remember the Harlem Globetrotters" remarkable 58-story bucket? This one, from exactly how Ridiculous" trio of Aussies, comes through 10 added feet and absurd background music.What"s for this reason unbelievable about this?:Happened ~ above the third try


Four words you don"t, and shouldn"t, see together really often.What"s so unbelievable around this?:Better type than Andrea Bargnani


On November 7th, 1940, fierce gales twisted Washington"s Tacoma Narrows Bridge favor a ribbon until it snapped.Barney Elliottcaught few of the activity on film.What"s so unbelievable about this?:Very good dance moves -- because that a bridge


Skate sites have heralded Richie Jackson together the modern Rodney Mullen for his do not be afraid creativity, improvisational style, and kooky arsenal of tricks. He"s the type of guy who thinks exterior the box. So far outside you wonder if he"ll ever come back.What"s therefore unbelievable around this?:The spiral staircase

Brenda"s Boric mountain Breath Mints, Shampoo, and also Face Washnever go hit the shelves of bath & human body Works, but that doesn"t typical she didn"t shot really hardto offer her point.What"s for this reason unbelievable around this?: The reporter"s convincing objections

Here"s the ideal of the Chelyabinsk meteor, which entered Earth"s atmosphere three years earlier to execute a very belated"Bright and also Shiny" sing-along (space is far away) and also scare the crap out of anyone in and around Siberia.What"s so unbelievable about this?: The shock waves

Marky Mark"sForm, Focus, Fitnessworkout tape originally occupied this spot, but then us realized the that thing -- though really real -- is mostly simply depressing. Instead, here"s fin-tastic footage of Vin playing withStreet Sharks.What"s therefore unbelievable about this?: Hand Shark!!!!

Roughly two decades ago, Brazilian soccer an excellent Roberto Carlos netted a score from his opponent"s finish line, kicking across his body, running out of bounds at complete speed. The above malfunction explains why such a feat shouldn"t have happened.What"s for this reason unbelievable around this?:Just freaking clock it.

A little an ext than three years ago, two planes with skydivers collided 12,000ft over Superior, Wisconsin. Everybody, consisting of both pilots, survived. Helmet cams tape-recorded the narrowly escaped disaster.What"s so unbelievable around this?: all of it (warning: intense footage)

In this harrowing five-installment food tour, three Japanese heroes (led by renowned YouTuber Megwin) conquer and also assess 10 of America"s most famous burger combos. Sign up with them ~ above this merciless journey, wherein roulette"s the game and -- per illustration 3 over -- indigestion"s the reward.What"s therefore unbelievable around this?: The matchless love of Falcon

Volleyball head shots room not rare, but volleyball head shots that ricochet and also take the end unsuspecting spectators are.What"s so unbelievable around this?: The savagery that No. 7"s post-incident props

Honestly, all these corporate training videos should be on this list, but the video game Crazy one above is especially...

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whoa, nuh-uh, WHY?What"s therefore unbelievable about this?: ZELDA

This compilation of failure "Down through the Sickness" openings is glorious proof.What"s therefore unbelievable about this?:That this many people think they deserve to David Draimanbetter 보다 David Draiman