Families are about to have to make a tough decision in regard to participating in traditional Halloween activities, especially trick-or-treating.

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With the coronavirus pandemic quiet ongoing, some families are hesitant to take their children out to trick-or-treat and residents room debating whether or not they need to hand out the liquid this year.

We’re no saying yes a best or not correct answer this year and families will certainly make the decision that works best for their situations. However, if you on the fence around passing the end Halloween liquid this year, perhaps you might give one of these pandemic-friendly ideas a try.

Long kitchen utensils - To assist keep the distance, you could grab a lengthy kitchen utensil prefer a soup ladle or a pair that tongs come grab candy and also place in a child’s bucket.

Dixie cups - You can place candy piece in a Dixie cup and also place them on a table in her driveway. That way, children can easily walk up and also grab their cup the candy.


Treat bags - similar to the Dixie cups, you deserve to place a handful of candy right into a act bag, decorated or plain, and distribute the sweet treats that way. News 6 meteorologist Candace Campos recently had her daughter Alessia helping she assemble your treat bags.

HALLOWEEN 2020 Preps: this evening we room packing our Halloween goody bags because that trick-or-treaters! What is your MUST-HAVE liquid on Halloween? Sour liquid is mine #1

Posted by Candace Campos News 6 onTuesday, October 13, 2020

Place liquid bags roughly your yard - You could group part candy into plastic bags and place them about your prior yard. To take it it up a notch, girlfriend could attach the bags come sticks or spoons come then press them down into the surface and also hold castle in place.

Bowl through hand sanitizer - something requiring a small less effort would be to set out a big bowl of candy and a party of hand sanitizer.

Halloween liquid shoot - If an easy isn’t for you, then this decorated liquid shoot is for you. Take a lengthy tube or pipe, make a stand and decorate it because that the spooky occasion. Girlfriend will most likely be the struggle of the community when she launching candy down into children’s bags. Want more details? take it a look in ~ the video at the peak of the page.

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The Centers for condition Control and also Prevention proposal celebrating through as couple of people as feasible this year as to limit the spread of coronavirus. The agency provided traditional trick-or-treating together a high-risk activity. However, if you use the bag or cup method provided above, the CDC ranked that together one method trick-or-treating and also a moderate threat activity.

CDC officials likewise said if you space preparing goodie bags, wash your hands through soap and water because that at least 20 seconds before and also after prepare the bags.

There are likely plenty much more ideas on just how to continue to be socially-distant and safe if taking part in handing the end candy. Therefore if us missed any type of ideas, share them through us in the comments.

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