Stories that notable human being having near brushes with death and destiny are much more numerous 보다 one can guess. Few of those stories never come out until years ~ the fact, also if others are near legendary.

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No one would easily assume someone like Seth MacFarlane would end up being one that those that skirted death by happenstance. While many other instances like this cause survivor’s guilt, MacFarlane never ever seemed to have actually such a mindset.

Then again, nobody knows what he might feel about his occurrence deep down. His story relates to 9/11, one of the many profound events in American history. Had actually things gone differently, the would have been a victim the it.

Seth MacFarlane was virtually on the first 9/11 plane

Being new York City, the was unavoidable that part notable world were walk to book a flight on the plane crashed right into the human being Trade facility towers. MacFarlane happened to be one of them, more specifically booking himself on the an initial plane (Flight 11) going the end that morning.

Because MacFarlane had been partying late the night before (following a speech at his alma mater), he fell asleep in the passenger lounge. Yes, it to be sleep eventually saving MacFarlane’s life, something virtually ironic in the enlarge picture.

When he wake up up, he experienced the TV reports of the aircraft he was claimed to it is in on hitting the north Tower. Then he watched the second plane enter the other tower within the very same hour.

Imagine the horror of gift in JFK Airport and waking up to the currently of gift mere minutes off from being on trip 11.

Seth MacFarlane let go the trip by just 15 minutes

MacFarlane has mentioned this incident a couple of times in interviews over the years. When appearing in an interview through Rove McManus, MacFarlane noted: “I was booked top top the first flight the hit the tower, and I was drinking the night before, overslept a small bit in conjunction v the truth that my take trip agent screwed up the itinerary by around 15 minutes, so i arrived 10 minutes so late to obtain on the plane.”

When that went as much as the counter, MacFarlane was told the gateways had just been closed, therefore he booked an additional flight for later in the morning. While managing his hangover, that helplessly watched the planes get in the towers.


Seth MacFarlane | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Said MacFarlane in one interview through Piers Morgan once: “Went into the lounge, dropped asleep, woke up around 45 minutes later on to a commotion, and also the very first plane had actually hit. And also sat there and also watched the second plane hit. And also they announced what flight it was. And I turned come the man next come me and also said, ‘my God, the was the flight I was an alleged to it is in on. I was late. Ns missed it."”

One would think this would adjust McFarlane’s view on life in ~ a extensive level, not including at least some emotion of survivor’s guilt together so plenty of in similar situations walk through. Even if he pledged never ever to joke about 9/11, he has actually made recommendations to that on Family Guy.

Were the 9/11 jokes on ‘Family Guy’ a sense of therapy?

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Ironically, Family guy was hanging through a object in 2001 as soon as the 9/11 assaults occurred. Had something unexpected happened, it likely would have spelled the finish of the series.

No one would have actually guessed it would still be going currently 21 year later. Despite MacFarlane never making irradiate of 9/11 native the view of what happened, that did seek George W. Shrub for 9/11 much more than once. Countless ribbings at a political level around 9/11 are currently counted in assorted episodes that Family Guy.

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It appears MacFarlane will never reference in his collection the eerie simultaneous of him making it through the terrorist attacks. The truth he was able to resolve 9/11 with a rare comedic filter might be looked at as the genuine reason he was given an possibility to bring on.