Is Los Cabos safe? Is Cabo san Lucas Safe?

With the current news and also travel advisories, it is common to ask: is Los Cabos safe? Is Cabo san Lucas safe? regardless of the negative media coverage, Los Cabos is safe. In fact, it was proudly declared as the the safest city in Mexico by the concierge in ~ Paradisus Los Cabos throughout my critical solo trip. Over there are also things to do in Cabo v kids!

Let’s start by breaking under the two areas. Los Cabos contains the whole southern tip of Baja California and actually encompasses two communities in the area: san Jose del Cabo and Cabo mountain Lucas. San Jose del Cabo is thought about the more historic component of the area with cathedrals, city squares, and smaller resorts. Cabo mountain Lucas is the much more tourist driven part of the area with tons of big resorts, golf courses, the city marina, and also many entertainment options.

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Is It for sure to travel to Cabo mountain Lucas? Is it safe To take trip to san Jose Del Cabo?

In short: yes. The is thought about safe to take trip to both Cabo san Lucas and also San Jose del Cabo. Violent events haved plagued Mexico for fairly some time top the United claims to concern a Level 2 take trip Advisory because that the entire nation of Mexico. This method that castle recommend tourists exercise increased caution as result of crime and kidnapping. However, the bulk of the incidents have involved locals and also not tourists.

The great news is the Baja California Sur – the state Los Cabos is in – is not consisted of in the take trip advisory. At the time of this write-up , travelers to be advised to reconsider take trip to other states choose Mexico .

For reference, the unified States at this time lists over 70 nations with a level 2 take trip advisory. The comprehensive list contains super popular tourist destinations choose Italy, Spain, Costa Rica, Belgium, and also even the united Kingdom. We never felt unsafe during our feather break in Spain nor our spring break in Italy. In fact, we never ever thought to check for take trip advisories before visiting those places. If those places are no questioned, we should not must ask “Is Cabo san Lucas safe?”.

So why is Los Cabos safe?


Its nearby proximity come the joined States means that because that the majority of the year, it has a stable stream of American tourists. The federal government are heavily invested in maintaining it that way to aid support the regional economy.

Also, together of the date of this short article , over there is no political upheaval or unrest in the area that Mexico.

If you pick to continue to be in a resort, your resort will certainly come with its own security as well. Guests space usually noted with a wristband identifying them together guests that the property. Those without a band are wondered about by resort security. The same security personnel likewise usually roam the residential or commercial property for noþeles that might be the end of place. If you continue to be at a smaller sized property prefer Paradisus Los Cabos, the employee will identify your challenge and will watch out for you.

During mine solo pilgrimage to Los Cabos critical month, ns felt totally safe during my visit.

How to stop Cabo Crime

But the doesn’t typical you shouldn’t practice caution. Traditional safety techniques should apply anywhere friend go. Be aware of your surroundings and take actions to safeguard yourself and your items.

Here space some general tips to protect against Cabo crime:

If you rent a auto in Los Cabos, stick to the main roads and shot to limit driving come the day.Only use ATMs at financial institutions and try to use them throughout the day.Keep your personal belongings in sight and also close come you. Please don’t leave her belongings unattended.Don’t hover off v strangers.Refrain from any kind of illegal task while in Mexico .

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So is Cabo mountain Lucas safe in 2020? Yes, that is.