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Is mountain Miguel de Allende safe? The #1 question I"ve to be asked due to the fact that visiting this charming city. Discover the price from my first-hand experience!

San Miguel de Allende had actually been on mine radar of places to visit because it to be ranked the #1 city in the human being by take trip and leisure in 2017. The wasn’t till March 2021 that ns was finally able come go. The city absolutely exceeded my expectations and also I can’t wait to walk back.

I won’t invest time going into all the factors why ns loved mountain Miguel since you deserve to read about that in my mountain Miguel de Allende take trip guide. This short article is focused on mountain Miguel de Allende safety.

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I wasn’t surprised as soon as I changed from mountain Miguel that the an initial thing people asked to be “is san Miguel de Allende safe”. A topic i myself was questioning prior to visiting this city for the an initial time. Ns didn’t recognize many civilization who had actually visited san Miguel, so first-hand accounts to be minimal.

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I began planning the expedition a tad wary, to say the least.

In the end, mine hesitations were fully unwarranted. Jake and I spent an entire week in the city and also felt 100% safe the entire time. Jake had to work-related quite a bit, so i was usually a solo mrs traveler because that the majority of the trip.

I would walk about the city during the afternoon, walk on morning jogs, visit the shops in the early on evening, etc., all on my own. Due to the fact that of this, ns can offer an account that what it would have actually been like had I travel to mountain Miguel together a solo woman traveler, which come me is the ultimate security test. If i feel comfortable as a solo mrs traveler, then the city is pretty darn safe.

Before we get started on mountain Miguel de Allende Safety...

Before I go into the details, i am no a safety skilled with a lift in policing or human being safety statistics. Obviously. This write-up is completely from an ordinary traveler"s perspective. I’m writing this write-up as if friend asked me “is san Miguel de Allende safe” over coffee and also I’m share my personal experience.

I will additionally note, we stayed within the city facility during the trip (outside of our horseback speak tour). We did not undertaking past the "tourist zone".

If you"re plan on staying external the city center or trying out past the historical core, I would certainly recommend you execute some additional research.

So, here’s mine experience and what i learned from talking through locals, other tourists, and other solo mrs travelers who have actually visited.


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The ex-pat populace plays a big role in the security of mountain Miguel de Allende

San Miguel de Allende is recognized for the ex-pat community, mostly from the US, Canada, and Europe. This is a significant income source for san Miguel de Allende. The city is smart. If ex-pats don’t feel safe living there, lock won’t come, to buy property, and spend money. If the city wants to safeguard one the its greatest income sources, it have to make that a safe location for world to live.

During mine morning jogs, i would often see older ladies (in your 70’s and 80’s) walking around by themselves. Ns will regularly study who is out walking alone to obtain a feeling for overall safety. Once you see small grandmas ~ above a morning or evening stroll, solo, you understand the area is nice safe.

One the the tourism Jake and also I did to be a horseback tour. Our overview was an ex-pat native NYC who had actually lived in the city for the past 11 years. She actually laughed as soon as we asked around the security of mountain Miguel de Allende.

She described what you simply read above around the ex-pat population and how crucial it is for the city to defend that. She also said a lot of of households with young children are moving to san Miguel. An additional sign the the city is nice darn safe. Ex-pat households wouldn’t uproot their children and also send them to school if castle didn’t think it was safe.

She to be also really adamant that san Miguel de Allende is without a doubt much safer than most cities in the US, which ns agreed through after safety time there.

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Solo Female travel in mountain Miguel de Allende

Jake and also I went to San Miguel de Allende together, but for lot of the trip, i was trying out the city on my own. The was functioning in the hotel for the bulk of the time. I would certainly go on morning jogs alone, browser the shops and also galleries in the afternoons and also early evenings, and just wander.

In the entire week i was there i never had one moment where i felt unsafe. Let’s simply say, if I spent a week walking all over Dallas (where I’m from) on my own, I would encounter much more moments the uneasiness 보다 I might count. No so in san Miguel.

I will likewise note that i noticed other women on their own and learned from ours hotel the solo woman travelers space not unusual in mountain Miguel de Allende.

You are constantly surrounding by ex-pats (mostly Americans), therefore you never ever really feel choose you’re a standout American in one more country. Over there are additionally a lot of police officers keeping an eye on things. The locals are very friendly, and also most hotel, shop, and also restaurant employee speak English, so if you need assist and don"t understand Spanish, you"ll easily find assistance.

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After safety a mainly in san Miguel, the as whole vibe I acquired was the it was a an extremely relaxed ar focused on living the good life. Enjoying prolonged dinners, morning walks, coffee with friends, and also evening strolls. It in reality felt like a Mexican variation of La Dolce Vita, the famed Italian saying because that “the sweet life” focused on enjoy it the small things.

Now, would I remain out all hours of the night and walk house alone? No! i wouldn’t do that in any kind of city together a solo woman traveler. San Miguel does have a late-night scene. The city is well-known for that rooftop bars and excellent cocktail scene.

As a solo woman traveler, you might have to attend to unwanted attention if you decide to continue to be out late. However that’s the instance in virtually any big city. I would certainly feel fully comfortable enjoying dinner on my own, however I wouldn’t continue to be out much past that.

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Traveling to san Miguel de Allende Safety

The one thing I would be mindful of is just how you get to san Miguel de Allende. Over there isn’t one airport located near the city. The two most famous airports to fly right into are the Leon Airport, BJX, and Queretaro Airport, QRO.

Both space a 1.5 hour journey from san Miguel de Allende. I very recommend booking a automobile service or shuttle.

Having a driver is not just safe but much more enjoyable. Friend won’t have to hassle at the rental vehicle counter, worry about getting lost, and can gain the see on your means to the city. Plus, you yes, really don"t require a auto once in the city. Parking can likewise be a huge headache.

I supplied Bajiogo shuttle and also highly introduce it. BJX to san Miguel de Allende to be $25 per human ($50 roundtrip). Private and shared shuttles are obtainable to and also from both airports.

The driver waited for Jake and me in arrivals and also dropped united state off best by the hotel. Us were the just passengers ~ above the ride native BJX to mountain Miguel de Allende. ~ above the way back there to be one various other couple. The ride was smooth, comfortable, safe, and on time. I would usage this firm again in a heartbeat.

I would have actually been a little nervous if Jake and I had actually driven ourselves. I"ve heard story of civilization loosing cell company (and Google maps directions through it) if making the drive. I personally would certainly not have felt comfortable getting lost ~ above my an initial trip here and also given just how easy the shuttle was, i will constantly take the option.

If it’s your an initial time in san Miguel I would absolutely go with a private car or shuttle and also then you can decide next time if you would be comfortable steering yourself.

A couple of things come note...

Taxis in mountain Miguel de Allende

Jake and also I supplied private shuttles, Ubers, and also our very own two feet the entire time we were in the city. Us did not usage taxis. I"ve read that the taxis are safe as long as friend don"t use them so late at night. It was also noted not to flag taxis off the street and also to instead publication from an app or v the agency directly. Due to the fact that of what I"ve read and also from an individual messages I"ve obtained from civilization who live in the city, i personally will continue to be away from Taxis and stick v Uber and also private car/shuttle services.

Use usual Sense

This is a tourist city and also with tourist cities you have to use common sense. The below points room things I save in mind in any type of major/tourist city.

Pickpocketing happens and tourists are often targeted. Save your valuables for sure and always be aware of her surroundings. It"s unwise to flaunt your wide range which has wearing high value jewelry, flying your $1,000 drone, etc. If you have an expensive spring camera, save it in her backpack when you"re no taking photos.

While the city might feel for sure enough throughout the day as a solo woman traveler, ns wouldn"t it is in wandering approximately at night on mine own. If I"m going to dine solo at dinner time, you have the right to guarantee I"m difficult close to my hotel and to an area filled v tourists (i.e. Not the time to it is in finding spots turn off the win path). I do this at any time I take trip solo due to the fact that I don"t think it"s for sure to be acquisition a taxi alone in ~ night, publicly transportation, or wade far.

In Summary

So, is san Miguel de Allende safe?. From a tourists perspective sticking to the city center, I would certainly absolutely say it is. I never once feeling uncomfortable, also when ns was wandering by myself. There room plenty of police keeping an eye top top things and the population is mainly older ex-pats, families, and tourists.

I would certainly feel 100% i was sure recommending this location for virtually anyone to visit! Solo mrs travelers, families, couples, girl"s trips, etc. In fact, I even know a girl who worked remotely from san Miguel de Allende for two months during the pandemic. She views on the safety and security of san Miguel de Allende mirror every little thing I claimed above.

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If you’re considering visiting san Miguel, please don’t permit the concern “is san Miguel de Allende safe” prevent you from going. You’ll probably be like me and also feel silly the you to be nervous around the safety and security in mountain Miguel de Allende when you arrive and also see just how safe and charming it in reality is.