2021 is already on pace to it is in the most violent year in Portland"s history, most likely passing 1987"s record of 70 homicides.

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PORTLAND, Ore. — No arrests have actually been make in the bulk of Portland"s 61 homicides so far this year.

2021 is already on pace to it is in the most violent year in Portland"s history, likely passing 1987"s record of 70 homicides.

According come Portland police, they"ve make 15 arrests in link with 49 homicide situations that emerged through the end of June 2021.

elafilador.net might find records detailing just 11 arrests the end of the 61 cases so much this year. According to this numbers, no one has been arrested in 70% of the city"s homicides.

While elafilador.net has actually been tracking this year"s homicides, we discovered of those 11 arrests, the vast bulk of suspects were either arrested in ~ the step or in ~ a pair of work or mainly of the crime, i beg your pardon typically method police knew who they to be looking for. Just two suspects were arrested more than a month after the victim was found dead.

Portland"s 60th homicide, the Aug. 20 death of 30-year-old Johnny Polanco, has drawn significant attention in current days after ~ an Instagram account re-posted a graphic and disturbing video clip of his death.

The alleged shooter is seen in the video wearing black color pants and also a blue shirt. Not lot else can be deduced from a grainy tho image, but Polanco"s family members is pleading with the public to come forward around the shooter"s identity.

"That video is the end there. It"s to be seen thousands of times. It"s been shared so countless times and... Portland isn"t big. I understand somebody to know someone who knows who in the video. The picture, those faces... Are clear together day," Johnny"s brothers Rob said elafilador.net Tuesday. "I refuse to let that go as a statistic. Favor he has actually a name, his name is Johnny Polanco and I will scream it till the day that someone is placed behind bars because that it."

On the other hand, Portland"s 61st homicide was solved relatively quickly. JaMarie Herring, 25, was shot and killed within a club in Old city just before 2 a.m. Sunday. Police say none of the 40 or 50 human being who were within the society at the moment of the shooting remained to interview with officers.

That very same day, as mourners gathered exterior the society for a vigil around 11 p.m.,someone fired dozens the shots at the group. The spray of bullets is heard clearly on a video clip obtained by elafilador.net News indigenous the nearby culture Hotel"s rooftop.

Five human being were injured, four of who were required to the hospital by private vehicles. No arrests have actually been do in that shooting, but 22-year-old Rolando Mingledoff Jr. Turned himself in come police Monday for Herring"s death. He"s facing murder and unlawful use of weapon charges.

If you recognize anything about Polanco"s death, or any type of of the other homicides in Portland, speak to police at 503-823-HELP (4357) or send a guideline online. Friend can likewise text a tip: message CRIMES (274637) - form 823HELP, complied with by the tip.

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