It was among the most gruesome and notorious crimes of the century. In June 1994, Nicole Brown Simpson and also Ron Goldman to be left slaughtered in pools of their very own blood, supposedly by the hands of Brown Simpson’s previous husband, O.J. Simpson. Although that was never convicted for their murders, it’s widely thought that Simpson eliminated Brown Simpson and also Goldman.

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WARNING: The following images are very graphic and may it is in upsetting come viewers 

Nicole Brown Simpson Autopsy Report:

“I. Incised wound the neck:

A. Transection the left and also right usual carotid arteries.

B. Incisions, left and also right internal jugular veins

C. Transection the thyrohyoid membrane, epiglottis, and also hypopharynx.

D. Incision right into cervical spine, C3.

II. Multiple stab wound the neck and scalp (total of seven).

III. Lot of injuries the hands, consisting of incised wound, ring finger of ideal hand (defense wound).

IV. Scalp bruise, best parietal”

Nicole Brown Simpson

 Ron Goldman Autopsy Report:

” Sharp force wound that neck, left side, v transection that left internal jugular vein.

2. Many stab wounds the chest, abdomen, and also left thigh: Penetrating stab wounds of chest and also abdomen with ideal hemothorax and also hemoperitoneum.

3. Many incised wounds of scalp, face, neck, chest and also left hand (defense wound).

4. Multiple abrasions upper extremities and also hands (defense wounds).”

Ron Goldman

Ron Goldman’s side

 After the Murders

Simpson was acquitted on killing charges, however in February 1997, a Santa Monica superior Court jury found Simpson liable for the deaths that both Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson in a civil trial. The jury forgive Simpson’s mother and also Goldman’s parents $33.5 million, which included $8.5 million in compensatory damages and $12.5 million in punitive damages.

LA Times reported that the polite trial to be quite various from Simpson’s criminal trial. The jury heard about detectives reportedly signing book deals, Simpson failing a lie detector test, and also Brown Simpson calling a sanctuary for aid days prior to the murder.

During the civil trial deposition, Simpson speak out around the murders because that the very first time under oath. He decreased to take the stand throughout his criminal trial. For 13 days, Attorney Daniel Petrocelli wondered about Simpson throughout the deposition and at one point, Simpson declared he didn’t remember where he was on the night of the murders.

“I don’t know if lock inquiry me the question. Ns was home.”

“They walk ask you. What did friend say?” Petrocelli shoot back.

“I nothing recall if castle asked me so i don’t know what i said. What nothing you asking me?” Simpson replied.

“I simply did, whereby were—“ Petrocelli asked

“Why don’t you questioning me?” Simpson responded while cutting the attorney off mid-sentence.

Petrocelli likewise presented image of a battered and bruised Brown Simpson, yet Simpson insisted he that he never hit her and the wounds to be from make-up while doing the movie.

P: “Do you see those bruises on her face?”

S: “No.”

P: “You don’t view anything?”

S: “No, i mean, I view this eye thing.”

P: “You don’t think this picture reflects any kind of bruising or injuries or marks on Nicole’s face?”

S: “No, i don’t.”

P: “What perform you think this reflects?”

S: “It mirrors doing a movie the we’re doing and also we’re doing make-up.”

Simpson writes a Book

In 2006, Simpson made decision to compose a book about the case, entitled, If i Did It. The publication focuses on how Simpson felt that was depicted poorly through the press; he denied being a “sociopath,” although the admitted he went after ~ Brown Simpson’s auto with a baseball bat. Yet, he composed (with the aid of ghostwriter, Pablo Fenjves) that he only lifted his hand to his wife, and that if she were alive today, she would be the very first to agree.

He also threw Brown Simpson “under the bus” throughout the publication with cases of medicine abuse and erratic behavior. He created she to be angry, vindictive, and also had one affair after pushing him into marriage. Simpson additionally deflected the violence top top Brown Simpson and also wrote that his wife was the violent one.

“Nice people don’t go roughly getting us knifed to death,” Simpson wrote.

In 2007, a Florida bankruptcy court forgive the Goldman family all legal rights to the book. The quickly readjusted the book’s surname to, If i Did It: Confessions of the Killer.

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“After 13 year of do the efforts to get some justice, this day is probably the first time us had any kind of sense that seeing light at the end of the tunnel,” Ron Goldman’s father, Fred Goldman said, after winning rights to the book. “It’s gratifying come see.”

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