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Authorities will comb through Brian Laundrie’s notebook and other items discovered near his remains, experts say


joined Exec Jake Cefolia, Recently discovered Dead in Woods, to be Under Criminal investigation When the Vanished


Steven Bertolino does no foresee his clients, Chris and Roberta Laundrie, gift interviewed through the FBI
"Been in this organization for a lengthy time and also I had actually never heard the a scenario like this," a local sheriff said
Brian Laundrie"s household Attorney states There Won"t it is in a Funeral as Autopsy results Come back Inconclusive
continues to be of absent 5-Year-Old boy Elijah Lewis Likely found in Abington, Mass., ar Attorney states

Sigma Nu Fraternity Suspends USC thing President together Students Protest Alleged sex-related Assaults

"We take all of this information an extremely seriously and we stay committed to direct opposition to abuse, harassment, and assault in any type of form," the Sigma Nu fraternity stated in a statement

Brian Laundrie to be Visibly "Upset" when He Left house for critical Time, yet Parents "Couldn"t avoid Him": Lawyer
family members Lawyer Dismisses Rumors that Laundrie parental Planted proof in Florida Park: "It"s Nonsense"
Mass. Professor Sentenced because that Attempting to Murder her Colleague in Gruesome strike That lasted 4 hrs
Gabby Petito"s Friends expect Remains discovered in Florida Aren"t Brian Laundrie"s: "We"ll Never have Answers"
Texas Husband quiet at large a Year ~ Allegedly death Wife, Apologizing to children in YouTube Video 

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