Are you encountering a criminal fee in Lake Charles, Louisiana? also a misdemeanor conviction can have life-changing ramifications. As soon as you are encountering prosecution indigenous the State or federal Government and its expansive resources, seek experienced legit counsel as quickly as possible. A Lake Charles criminal defense lawyer at The Johnson firm can aid you check out legal defenses to your charge and seek to have your charge reduced or dismissed.

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What Is Criminal Law?

A crime is any kind of omission or action that is taken into consideration an violation that deserve to be prosecuted by state law. Criminal legislation is an area of regulation that relates to this crimes and also punishes civilization who are convicted. It’s separate from civil legislation which handles disputes in between individuals and also awards compensation. 

There are two broad varieties of criminal legislation in Louisiana: misdemeanors and also felonies. 

Misdemeanors are thought about lower-level offenses and also include web traffic offenses and petty theft with penalties that are usually no much more than one year in jail. Felonies are considered much more serious and also include homicide, arson, robbery, and also violent crimes.


If girlfriend are dealing with a criminal fee in Louisiana, be sure to call an experienced and also knowledgable lawyer to help you minimize or dismiss the charges.

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In Louisiana, the most common crimes are residential or commercial property crimes such as theft, burglary, and motor automobile theft. There room also an ext than 15,000 report aggravated assaults per year and around 500 homicides committed each year. 

We Privately Investigate her Case

At The Johnson Firm, our private investigation helps distinguish our approach to criminal defense in Louisiana. Having your case privately investigated can level the playing field and help overcome problems like police reports that only benefit the start or save boilerplate information. Police reports are frequently incorrect or lack details that benefits the defense. 

We additionally work come ensure all evidence is turned end by the state. It’s not unusual for police to lose or fail to preserve critical evidence only for the prosecution to fight in court to stop explaining its loss. V all evidence available at the beginning, we deserve to craft a more effective defense. For difficult cases the seem certain to go to trial, we will certainly take the extra step to subpoena the personal records of the police police officers to uncover problems of credibility. 

Our investigations space lead through a personal investigator that functions for our regulation firm on every case. That is a former Chief the Detectives and Former Head of narcotics of the Calcasieu Parish Sheriff’s Office. We employ only the ideal to investigate your situation and make sure no corners were reduced when processing your case. Any law firm that chooses not to privately inspection each and also every instance is missing a crucial part that the process; proving the mistakes can be made. We find those mistakes and also use them to our advantage as we process our findings and also move your case forward. Speak to our office to schedule a consultation v a Lake Charles criminal defense lawyer today.