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Criminal Justice and also Immigration act 2008 is up to day with all transforms known to be in pressure on or before 25 November 2021. Over there are changes that might be brought into force at a future date.

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Revised brought on this site may not be totally up come date. Changes and effects are tape-recorded by our editorial team in list which have the right to be discovered in the ‘Changes come’ area. Where those results have yet to be used to the message of the law by the editorial team they room also listed alongside the affected provisions when you open up the content utilizing the Table of components below.

Part 1 Youth rehabilitation orders

Youth rehabilitation orders


Part 2 Sentencing

General sentencing provisions

Custodial sentences

Release and also recall the prisoners

Early removed of prisoners from the united Kingdom

Referral orders

Enforcement the sentences

Part 3 Appeals

Appeals by defendant

Appeals by prosecution


Part 4 various other criminal righteousness provisions

Alternatives to prosecution


Proceedings in magistrates" courts

Criminal legit aid


Part 5 Criminal law

Pornography etc.

Sexual offences

Hatred on the grounds of sexual orientation

Offences relating to nuclear material and nuclear facilities

Self-defence etc.

Unlawfully obtaining etc. Personal data


Part 6 worldwide co-operation in relation to criminal righteousness matters

Recognition of financial penalties: inquiry to other member States

Recognition of financial penalties: request from other member says

Recognition of financial penalties: miscellaneous

Repatriation the prisoners

Mutual legal help in revenue matters

Part 7 Violent offender orders

Violent offender orders

Notification requirements


Part 8 Anti-social behaviour

Premises closure orders

Nuisance or disturbance ~ above hospital premises

Anti-social behaviour assignment etc. In respect of children and young persons

Parenting contracts and also parenting orders

Part 9 Policing

Misconduct actions etc.

Financial assistance


Part 10 distinct immigration status

Part 11 Miscellaneous

Industrial action by jail officers

Sex offenders

Persistent sales the tobacco to persons under 18

Penalties for severe contraventions that data security principles

Armed pressures

Automatic deportation of criminals

Part 12 General



Further provisions around youth rehabilitation orders

Part 1 Provisions to be contained in youth rehabilitation orders

Imposition of requirements

Electronic monitoring requirement

Youth rehabilitation bespeak with extensive supervision and also surveillance

Youth rehabilitation order with fostering

Intensive supervision and also surveillance and also fostering: more provisions

Part 2 Requirements

Activity requirement

Activity requirement: accuse of responsible officer under paragraph 6(1)(d)

Activity requirement: more provisions

Supervision requirement

Unpaid work requirement

Programme requirement

Attendance center requirement

Prohibited activity requirement

Curfew requirement

Exclusion requirement

Residence requirement

Local authority residence requirement

Fostering requirement

Pre-conditions to imposing regional authority residence necessity or fostering requirement

Mental health and wellness treatment requirement

Mental wellness treatment at ar other than that specified in order

Drug treatment requirement

Drug experimentation requirement

Intoxicating substance therapy requirement

Education requirement

Electronic security requirement

Power come amend limits

Part 3 Provisions applying where court proposes to make youth rehabilitation order

Family circumstances

Compatibility that requirements, necessity to avoid problem with religious beliefs, etc.

Date of taking effect and also other existing orders

Concurrent and consecutive orders

Part 4 Provisions using where court renders youth rehabilitation order etc.

Date because that compliance with requirements to be mentioned in order

Local righteousness area come be stated in order

Provision of duplicates of orders

Power to provide for court testimonial of orders

Order do by Crown Court: direction in relation to additional proceedings


Breach, revocation or amendment of youth rehabilitation orders

Part 1 Preliminary


Orders made on appeal

Part 2 Breach of requirement of order

Duty to offer warning

Breach of order

Issue the summons or warrant by righteousness of the peace

Powers that magistrates" court

Power of magistrates" court to refer offender come Crown Court

Powers the Crown Court

Restriction of powers in paragraphs 6 and also 8 where treatment required

Power come amend amounts of fines

Part 3 Revocation the order

Revocation that order through or without re-sentencing: powers of ideal court

Revocation the order through or without re-sentencing: strength of Crown Court

Part 4 amendment of order

Amendment by ideal court

Amendment by Crown Court

Exercise of powers under paragraph 13(2) or 14(2): more provisions

Exercise of powers under paragraph 13(4) or 14(4): more provisions

Extension of order

Extension of unpaid job-related requirement

Part 5 powers of court in relationship to order complying with subsequent conviction

Powers the magistrates" court following subsequent conviction

Powers the Crown Court adhering to subsequent conviction

Part 6 Supplementary

Appearance that offender prior to court


Adjournment that proceedings

Restrictions on imposition of extensive supervision and surveillance or fostering

Provision of copies of orders etc.

Power to amend maximum duration of cultivating requirement


Transfer that youth rehabilitation order to northern Ireland

Part 1 make or modification of a youth rehabilitation order where offender lives or proposes come reside in north Ireland

Making that youth rehabilitation order whereby offender lives or will certainly reside in north Ireland

Amendment of youth rehabilitation order wherein offender stays or proposes come reside in north Ireland

Further provisions regarding the do or amending of youth rehabilitation assignment under paragraph 1 or 2

Modifications to component 1

Meaning the “supervision”

Part 2 Provisions relating to an order do or amended under part 1

Application of this Part


Effect of the youth rehabilitation order in northern Ireland

Duty of offender to save in touch with appropriate officer

Direction by Crown Court in north Ireland the proceedings in north Ireland be prior to a court of summary jurisdiction

Powers that the residence court in respect that the youth rehabilitation order

Powers the court in England or Wales prior to which the offender is compelled to appear

Power to amend provisions of Schedule in consequence of changes to the in north Ireland


Youth rehabilitation orders: consequential and also related amendments

Part 1 therefore amendments

Children and also Young Persons act 1933 (c. 12)

Criminal Appeal plot 1968 (c. 19)

Firearms plot 1968 (c. 27)

Health Services and also Public health Act 1968 (c. 46)

Social occupational (Scotland) action 1968 (c. 49)

Children and also Young Persons act 1969 (c. 54)

Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974 (c. 53)

Bail act 1976 (c. 63)

Magistrates" courts Act 1980 (c. 43)

Contempt of Court act 1981 (c. 49)

Criminal Justice act 1982

Mental health and wellness Act 1983 (c. 20)

Child Abduction plot 1984 (c. 37)

Prosecution that Offences plot 1985 (c. 23)

Children action 1989 (c. 41)

Criminal Justice act 1991 (c. 53)

Criminal Justice and Public Order act 1994 (c. 33)

Criminal Procedure (Scotland) act 1995 (c. 46)

Education act 1996 (c. 56)

Crime and Disorder act 1998 (c. 37)

Powers that Criminal courts (Sentencing) plot 2000 (c. 6)

Child Support, Pensions and Social defense Act 2000 (c. 19)

Criminal Justice and Court services Act 2000 (c. 43)

Criminal Justice plot 2003 (c. 44)

Violent Crime reduction Act 2006 (c. 38)

Offender monitoring Act 2007 (c. 21)

Part 2 associated amendments

Children and Young Persons plot 1933 (c. 12)

Children and also Young Persons plot 1969 (c. 54)

Bail act 1976 (c. 63)

Magistrates" courts Act 1980 (c. 43)

Child Abduction act 1984 (c. 37)

Children plot 1989 (c. 41)

Powers the Criminal courts (Sentencing) plot 2000 (c. 6)

Criminal Justice plot 2003 (c. 44)


Credit for duration of remand top top bail: transitional provisions


Youth default orders: change of provisions using to youth rehabilitation orders


Unpaid work-related requirement

Attendance center requirement

Curfew requirement

Enforcement, revocation and also amendment that youth default order

Power to alter amount the money or number of hours or days

Transfer that youth default bespeak to northern Ireland


Appeals in criminal cases

Part 1 Amendments the Criminal Appeal plot 1968

Time border on give of certificate of fitness for appeal

Powers of Court to substitute various sentence

Interim hospital orders


Powers of solitary judge

Appeals versus procedural directions

Detention that defendant pending appeal to supreme Court

Part 2 Amendments that Criminal very nice (Northern Ireland) act 1980

Time border on grant of certificates of fitness because that appeal

Powers that Court come substitute various sentence

Interim hospital orders


Detention that defendant pending very nice to can be fried Court

Powers of single judge

Part 3 Amendments of other Acts

Detention of defendant pending appeal native High Court to supreme Court

Variation of sentences by Crown Court


Alternatives come prosecution for persons under 18


Protection for spent cautions under Rehabilitation of offenders Act 1974


Electronic surveillance of persons exit on bail topic to conditions


Bail for review offences and particular other offences to be tried summarily


Allocation of situations triable either method etc.


Special rule relating to companies of information culture services

Domestic company providers: extension of liability

Non-UK organization providers: restriction on institution of proceedings

Exceptions because that mere conduits

Exception for caching

Exception for hosting



Sexual offences: grooming and also adoption

Meeting a child complying with sexual grooming



Hatred top top the grounds of sexual orientation


Offences relating to atom material and nuclear facilities

Part 1 Amendments of Nuclear product (Offences) action 1983

Part 2 Amendments that Customs and Excise management Act 1979


Penalties suitable for enforcement in England and Wales or north Ireland

Person residing in England and Wales

Person residing in north Ireland

Person having property etc. In England and also Wales

Person having actually property etc. In north Ireland

Person having actually property etc. In England and also Wales and Northern Ireland

Person having property etc. In England and also Wales and also Scotland

Person having property etc. In northern Ireland and Scotland

Person having actually property etc. In England and also Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland



Grounds for refusal to enforce jae won penalties

Part 1 The grounds because that refusal

Part 2 European framework list (financial penalties)

Part 3 Interpretation


Closure orders: premises associated with persistent disorder or nuisance


Nuisance or disturbance on HSS premises

Offence of leading to nuisance or disturbance top top HSS premises

Power to remove person causing nuisance or disturbance

Guidance around the strength to eliminate etc.


Police misconduct and also performance procedures

Part 1 Amendments that Police plot 1996

General duty the Secretary of State

Regulations because that police forces

Regulations for distinct constables

Police Federations

Police Advisory Board

Representation at disciplinary and other proceedings

Appeals against dismissal etc.

Guidance concerning disciplinary proceedings etc.

Police officers involved on business outside their force

Police Appeals Tribunals

Part 2 Amendments of set of Defence Police act 1987

Defence Police Federation

Regulations relating come disciplinary matters

Representation etc. At disciplinary proceedings

Appeals versus dismissal etc.

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Part 3 Amendments the Railways and Transport safety Act 2003

Police regulations: general

Police regulations: special constables

Police regulations by Secretary that State

Regulations: additional appeal


Investigation the complaints of police misconduct etc.


Section 327A that Criminal Justice plot 2003: an interpretation of “child sex offence”


Amendments to armed forces

Part 1 Courts-Martial (Appeals) act 1968

Power to dismiss details appeals following references through the CCRC

Interim hospital orders


Appeals against procedural directions

Detention that accused pending very nice one to supreme Court

Part 2 equipped Forces act 2006

Consecutive custodial sentences

Dangerous offenders

Restrictions on imposing ar punishment

Review the sentence on recommendation by attorney General

Compensation because that miscarriages that justice

Imposition that unpaid work requirement for breach of business community order or overseas service community order

Suspended jail sentences: additional conviction or breach of requirement

Part 3 Transitional provisions

Transitional provisions: compensation for miscarriage of justice


Minor and also consequential amendments

Part 1 good defaulters

Magistrates" courts Act 1980 (c. 43)

Criminal Justice act 2003 (c. 44)

Part 2 various other amendments

Prison action 1952 (c. 52)

Criminal Justice act 1961 (c. 39)

Children and also Young Persons action 1969 (c. 54)

Criminal very nice (Northern Ireland) act 1980 (c. 47)

Wildlife and Countryside act 1981 (c. 69)

Mental wellness Act 1983 (c. 20)

Repatriation of detainees Act 1984 (c. 47)

Police and Criminal evidence Act 1984 (c. 60)

Criminal Justice plot 1987 (c. 38)

Criminal Justice plot 1988 (c. 33)

Criminal justice (Evidence, Etc.) (Northern Ireland) stimulate 1988 (S.I. 1988/1847 (N.I. 17))

Football Spectators plot 1989 (c. 37)

Criminal justice (International Co-operation) act 1990 (c. 5)

Broadcasting act 1990 (c. 42)

Criminal Justice action 1991 (c. 53)

Prisoners and also Criminal Proceedings (Scotland) action 1993 (c. 9)

Crime (Sentences) act 1997 (c. 43)

Crime and also Disorder action 1998 (c. 37)

Youth Justice and Criminal proof Act 1999 (c. 23)

Powers the Criminal courts (Sentencing) plot 2000 (c. 6)

Criminal Justice and also Court services Act 2000 (c. 43)

Life sentence (Northern Ireland) bespeak 2001 (S.I. 2001/2564) (N.I. 2)

Crime (International Co-operation) action 2003 (c. 32)

Sexual Offences action 2003 (c. 42)

Criminal Justice plot 2003 (c. 44)

Criminal Justice act 2003 (Commencement No. 8 and also Transitional and also Saving Provisions) stimulate 2005 (S.I. 2005/950)