Note: The following short article contains spoilers for the Criminal Minds season 14 finale.

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Criminal Minds viewers, have actually you picked your jaws up turn off the floor however after JJ"s shocking admission in the season 14 finale?

If not, we couldn"t blame you, due to the fact that JJ (A. J. Cook) genuinely changed the whole dynamic that the series while trying to get out the a hostage case with Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler).

In this week"s episode, a twisted UnSub was manipulating world to cause car crashes, climate shoot the driver. So as soon as cornered, he forced JJ to confess she deepest secret to Reid — which was the she was madly in love v him.


CBS/ Michael Yarish
As usual, the duo controlled to take down the UnSub, and also JJ later assured Reid she was only trying come tell the killer what he want to hear. Yet is the really the truth?

Breaking under the unexpected rotate of events with TVLine, showrunner Erica Messer said she was originally opposed come the idea the JJ and also Reid ever becoming a couple.

"What’s funny around all of this is the pitch concerned me native the writer’s room, and I’m for this reason "mother lion" about all of the characters, therefore my prompt reaction was, "That’s no going to work, they’re siblings. No, they’re siblings, they’re siblings," she remembered.

"And then the room retained pitching me, and also I had actually written in 300 around that time the Reid invite her to the Redskins game and other world were sort of trying to pair castle up together a couple…

"We had longer conversations around it, and I thought, well, you recognize these world have remained in the trenches together — not literally, obviously, but as far as job-related goes, it’s life or fatality quite often, and also who space we to say who gets close and who doesn’t acquire close?"

Messer go on: "I’ve speak to lot of in regulation enforcement, and also there’s a link there the defies a traditional definition. And also so, I simply kind of fell more in love through the idea that, yeah, it’s messy and it’s weird, and "I’ve love you for a lengthy time", like, that’s just the truth. We’re going come dive right into that in the first two hours because we can’t leave everybody hanging and then pretend that didn’t happen.


"It’s certainly a substantial driver for the first handful of illustration that will certainly help add layers come those characters again."

Asked even if it is she believed JJ was really only bluffing around her feelings for Reid, Messer admitted: "It’s so funny, acquisition a poll of people, fifty percent of lock think she to be lying since we set up in the an extremely beginning as soon as they’re play poker and she says, "I’m a far better liar 보다 you think".

"So, fifty percent of the world think she’s lying, and fifty percent of castle think she was telling the truth, but 100% think the loves she too, for this reason that’s where it’s hard. Everybody is like, "Oh, of course he loves JJ, that’s no secret".”

Messer promised part answers about JJ and also Reid"s true feelings when Criminal Minds returns because that its 15th and final season in the autumn.

"We currently knew us would have to keep chasing Michael Mosely , and that’s great for a final 10, but emotionally, what room we coming back for?" she explained. "This felt choose a yes, really interesting, surprising way to go.

She went on: "The truth is, we had actually a long conversation through Matthew and with AJ and just said, "Here, this is what we’re thinking of doing. Carry out you have any objections come this?" and they were every for it."

Criminal Minds airs top top CBS in the US and also Sky angry in the UK.

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