Criminal Minds concerned a close after ~ 15 successful seasons and the collection finale was really high stakes because that both fans and the stars alike. What did the stars need to say about the series finale? Possibly an ext importantly, just how was it obtained by fans? not surprisingly, fans had a lot come say around it. There room spoilers ahead because that the season 15 series finale the Criminal Minds.

What wake up in the ‘Criminal Minds’ collection finale?


Matthew Gray Gubler, Adam Rodriguez, Paget Brewster, Kirsten Vangsness, and Daniel Henney | Cliff Lipson/CBS via Getty Images

A lot walk down, consisting of the continued hunt because that Everett Lynch, also known as the Chameleon. There’s a dicey instance involving one explosion and also Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) sick an inter-cranial hemorrhage. Reid additionally experiences a series of hallucinations entailing members the the old team and also even George Foyet, known as the Reaper.

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Things eventually involved a head once Krystal is take away by Lynch. They fulfill at one airstrip and apparently Lynch can fly a plane. Rossi trades places with Krystal as the hostage and while they’re on the plane, he choose his handcuffs and gets free. Somehow, Rossi end up gaining shot and also falls the end of the airplane door. JJ (A.J. Cook) is maybe to collection fire come leaked fuel the blows up the plane.

Flash forward to a month later. Rossi hosts a dinner party for Garcia’s exit from the BAU. She plans to job-related for a non-profit not far away. She also accepts a dinner invitation from Luke. Prentiss (Paget Brewster) is feather for dwellings with Mendoza in the Denver area. JJ has a choice to make to relocate to brand-new Orleans or remain with the team.

The problem with exactly how ‘Criminal Minds’ season 15 ends

West Coast, it's her turn. The series finale of #CriminalMinds start NOW.

— Criminal mental (

Some Reddit individuals think the idea to have yet one more dinner party in ~ Rossi’s no the method to go. It’s the same old point they constantly do and also viewers were looking for more. “I agree that the dinner party step felt cringy. The conversation felt so forced,” a Reddit user explained.

They every share a special moment together at the party and theyhonor Garcia especially. The collection ends through Garcia turning off her computersand lamp in the office. Fans weren’t precisely impressed with exactly how the showchose to close the series either.

“Am i the just one, very disappointed with how this collection ended? the felt supervisor flat, and an extremely rushed…. And slightly gutted no one of the old faces showed up for the cool goodbye… no overly impressed,” another Reddit user said.

The ‘Criminal Minds’ collection finale left some inquiries unanswered

Numerous various other fans agree that the finale was an ext than a small underwhelming. “All in all, i was mostly disappointed since it felt way more prefer a condition quo fairly than relocating on,” a Reddit user said. “Emily remains as Unit Chief, JJ remains in the team too, very same for Luke, Tara, and also Matt. Rossi stays, Reid as well (even if he’s currently a part-timer, in a way). The only one that really moves on is Penelope. Ns don’t know, i just discover it for this reason underwhelming!”

Other individuals agreed lock didn’t prefer the method it ended and it feel “rushed” for many fans. Some pointed out Reid’s new love interest Max. What happened with that? There room still so countless questions fans have around where things space headed because that the members that the BAU.

“They can have every these random civilization at the party, however not Max, right,” a Reddit user said about the dinner party.

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Some civilization wanted to understand when Lynch learned to paris a plane as well. That info seemed come come out of nowhere.

Fans will never know the answers come these and also other questions offered that the collection came come a close.