The Crime Records division (CRD) acts together the State regulate Terminal for eight state and also national criminal justice programs and is responsible because that the administration of this programs, providing crucial operational data to law enforcement and also criminal justice agencies in and also nationwide. CRD is comprised of the Crime records Services, the Criminal righteousness Information service (CJIS) defense Office, and the regulation Enforcement assistance Office (LESO) program. CRD supports regulation enforcement agencies and the human being of by providing accurate, timely and responsive information to encompass biometric identification, accessibility to criminal justice information, as well as technical assistance for CRD programs. The Division’s mission is characterized by that commitment to public safety and also service.

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Crime records Division

Crime records Services Overview

Crime records Services Overview has the duty to administer local and state law enforcement and also criminal righteousness agencies roughly the clock accessibility to several various mission-critical legislation enforcement and criminal justice information systems. The Crime records Services is comprised of miscellaneous programs the collect information submitted by local criminal justice organ throughout the state. Submitted information is compiled into statewide databases or systems and also forwarded to national criminal justice databases at the federal Bureau of investigation (FBI). likewise serves together the clearinghouse for all non-criminal justice (applicant) fingerprints.

Crime documents Services

Criminal Justice details System technological (CJIS) security Overview

Criminal Justice information System technological (CJIS) security Overview

The CJIS Technical security Office is consisted of of a team the experienced and also professional auditors that are responsible because that auditing local agencies come ensure ongoing compliance through all technical aspects of the FBI CJIS Division"s policies and also regulations as consisted of in the FBI CJIS security Policy.

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CJIS security Office

Law Enforcement support Office (LESO) Overview

Law Enforcement support Office (LESO) Overview


The LESO routine assists legislation enforcement agencies (LEAs) with applying for and also receiving excess U.S. Room of Defense building to assist in counterdrug/counterterrorism and also their everyday law enforcement missions at no price to the LEAs. With the program, rents have acquired vehicles, weapons, computer system equipment, fingerprint devices, night vision and other optics, radios and televisions, very first aid equipment, tents and sleeping bags, photographic equipment and also much more. End 13,000 qualifying LEAs have participated in taking advantage of this distinctive program.