Get all set for the epos four-way crossover with Supergirl, Arrow, The Flash and also DC’s Legends of Tomorrow. Barry and also Iris’s wedding brings the gang together, yet things walk awry as soon as villains from Earth-X assault the ceremony. All of the superheroes band together, with help from your super girlfriend to take on their many formidable villains yet.

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Jack LockhartReviewed in the United says on December 30, 2018
This to be an exceptional crossover in that characterization was such a huge piece that it. Mirroring the realities of human being reacting emotionally in a framework of action/adventure/comix was/is a update change.There room those who room not emotionally prepared to accept those the are different than themselves. They are the people who should pay the many attention come the character advance and watch that powers or not, sexual identity various or the same, from Earth-1, Earth-38, or Earth-X (or Earth-Prime, i.e., us), all of our favorite super-heroes are just people first. This crossover was around people stand up and putting themselves in jeopardy to aid everyone. We could all find out something indigenous these fictional people.

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andy randallReviewed in the United states on June 18, 2018
The creators of the righteousness League and also Batman vs. Superman movies must look in ~ the character advance of these television shows. These mirrors rely much more on character development and the impacts are in your place, no overwhelming a show. This crossover to be way far better than the Justice organization movie. Hope they"ll do more series crossovers in the future.